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Best Gutenberg Block Plugins 2023

Gutenberg block editor; a block-based approach was introduced in WordPress 5.0 in November 2018. After it got introduced many Gutenberg block plugins are being created to assist and enhance content creating platform. Later, WordPress brought full site editing in July 2021 to focus on styling and editing using blocks for all parts of a website. Time and again WordPress comes with additional new features and updates and improves the previous one. Now, you are able to create any type of website easily without touching any codes.

The website building platform has been upgraded and advanced and now we can get everything in blocks. WordPress Platform itself offers around 100 blocks. Luckily, many outstanding user-friendly Gutenberg block plugins evolved with a library of new blocks. The main goal of creating Gutenberg block plugins is to elevate the website creation experience more effectively.

This article will be based on the nicely curated Gutenberg block plugins. If you are still unfamiliar with Gutenberg block editor and WordPress blocks check our articles; Gutenberg block editor and WordPress Blocks.

11 Best and super useful Gutenberg Block Plugins

There are 2 types of plugins in the marketplace; Single-purpose block plugins and Gutenberg block libraries. The single-purpose plugin has one specific feature and usually provides a single powerful block to add content in WordPress. At the same time, block libraries include a collection of different blocks for different purposes.

Here, we will list the plugins with various blocks or a library of blocks. All of the plugins we are going to mention here are user-friendly, popular, most downloaded, highly recommended, and even an expert’s choice.

1. Spectra

Spectra is created by Brainstorm Force, offering you the ultimate page-building experience with advanced functionalities. In total, there are 35+ blocks to choose from. You can get professionally designed 20+ pre-built free starter sites built using Gutenberg, Spectra, and the Astra theme. It has an easy-to-use interface and several customizations to build pages and complete websites.

Blocks Included in Spectra

Container Block, Counter Block, Slider Block, Price List BLock, Icon List Block, Table of Contents, Info Box, Marketing Button, Google Maps, Testimonials, Form, Post Grid, Inline Notice, etc.

2. Rise Blocks

Rise Blocks is a finely crafted plugin for Gutenberg and has been designed for magazine, newspaper, and blog websites. It is a code-free lightweight, minimalist, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use plugin. It offers you various patterns, templates, template parts, and starter sites.

Rise Blocks Gutenberg plugin is curated by the expert team of Rise themes. This plugin inherits an outstanding total of 19 blocks and is available both in free and pro versions. You can get unlimited features in the premium version and an unlimited site license. Its premium version offers multiple header options, unlimited counters, profile cards, enable-disable different options, and much more.

Blocks Available in Rise Blocks

Call to action, Counter, Advance Heading, Page Slider, Profile cards, Accordians or FAQs, Image text slider, Carousel Post, News block, Social Icons, Icon Boxes, and much more…

3. Stackable

Stackable is also one of the popular Gutenberg plugins for WordPress. It has flexible and advanced design control and user-friendly UI kits. This plugin is seamlessly integrated with essential third-party plugins to complement the smooth performance of Stackable. It has more than 350 +pre-made block designs including premium ones. It is a freemium plugin so you can purchase it for more control, accessibility, and flexibility. With Stackable, you get 27+ flexible and feature-rich custom blocks. It lets you use it on any website anywhere without writing code.

Blocks Included In Stackable

Map block, Pricing Block, Image box, Icon List, Table of Contents, Progress bar, Video Popup, Advanced Image, Card, Social Button, Notification, Testimonial, Expand, and many more…

4. Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a gallery of page-building blocks for the Gutenberg block editor. It lets you build amazing layouts build with blocks to increase engagement and foster business. It has altogether 15 blocks and is AMP optimized.

This Plugin is free. A premium version is also available at just $360/year with advanced features such as Over 130 pre-built sections, 50 pre-built full-page layouts, and more. The free version is limited to just 4 pre-build layouts and 8 pre-build sections.

Blocks Included In Genesis Blocks

Section & Layout Block, Pricing Block, Drop Cap Block, Inline Notice Block, Share Icons Block, Spacer & Divider Block, Container Block, Post Grid Block, Advanced Columns Block, etc.

5. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks plugin is a completely free plugin that is easy to use, fast, and lightweight. It is specially created keeping marketers and bloggers in mind. It is well documented so that you can customize the available blocks without difficulty. Particularly, this plugin is enriched with 22 excellent blocks so that you can showcase your content in various forms and layouts.

Blocks Included in Ultimate Blocks

Table Of Contents, How To Schema Block, Review Block, Styled Box Block, Progress Bar Block, Countdown Block, Image Slider Block, Divider Block, Click to Tweet, Content Toggle (Accordions), Content Filter…

6. Essential Blocks

The essential blocks plugin is one of the popular and highly activated Gutenberg plugins in WordPress. It is mobile responsive, fast, secure, and compatible with Google fonts. You can design your page with endless customization options using the amazing library of essential blocks. You will get access to 1,000+ ready Gutenberg templates. Moreover, it offers a disable enable functionality that enables you to disable the blocks when you found them unnecessary so that your website can load faster and smoother.

It has various types of blocks created based on marketing, content, dynamic, form, or even Woo blocks. The most unique feature is the advanced animation feature that lets you design every block with a stunning animated appearance. It has a collection of 40+ blocks.

Blocks Included in Essential Blocks

Openverse, Google Maps, Popup, Woo Product grid, Slider BLock, WP forms, Pricing table, Dual button, Countdown, Table of contents, Feature list, Notice Block, Post Carousel, Infobox, Fluent Forms, Flipbox block, and much more.

7. Otter

Otter is a Gutenberg blocks page builder plugin for a better page-building experience. It is lightweight and provides a dynamic collection of page-building blocks and templates for the WordPress block editor. It has quick customer support, various knowledge base documentation, and more than 200 video tutorials to help you out. The most important point is that it also adds extra functionality such as Custom CSS, Animations, and Visibility Conditions to default or third-party blocks on your website.

Otter consists of 25+ amazing and useful blocks to make page building in Gutenberg a breeze. Moreover, you will have complete control over your style and appearance. It is both available free and pro. The pro version starts at $49 yearly offering blocks like Add to Cart button, Business Hours table, Product Review Comparison, and many others.

Blocks Available in Otter

Posts block, Section block, Lottie Animation, Flip Block, Tabs block, Maps, Product Review, Progress Bar, Popup, Plugin card, About Author, Button group, and so on.

8. Kadence Blocks

Kadence blocks plugin has come to extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities making you capable of creating beautiful content and web pages. It provides pre-design starter sites and 1500+ SVG Icons. You can get full control over color & background, typography, and also get access to 900+ Google fonts to choose from.

You can get Kadence blocks for free or pro is also available if necessary. Likewise, the premium plan starts at $69 annually and features include unlimited sites, dynamic content, animation on a scroll, Video popups, custom fonts, a premium design library, and many more. It has a collection of 15 blocks available for free.

Blocks Available in Kadence Blocks

Form block, Advanced text, Info Box, Row/Layout, Table of Contents, Accordion, Icon list, Countdown, Tabs block, Testimonials, etc.

9. Gutenverse

Gutenverse Gutenberg plugin is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress FSE/Full Site Editor. It has a high performance, updates regularly, and has helpful documentation. The Gutenverse plugin allows you to enable/disable blocks to make your editing experience more smooth. Similarly, it has global typography and color setting features that make it easier to edit a wide range of elements of your website.

Another benefit of using Gutenverse is, it has various templates library from where you can choose the layout that suits your needs. With it, you can modify column sizes using Gutenverse Column with a draggable column.

This plugin includes more than 45+ fully customizable blocks and each block is built with advanced and flexible options. Each block has an animation effect to choose from.

Blocks included in Gutenverse

Animated text, Multi buttons, Logo Slider, Fun Fact, Icon block, Gallery, Nav menu, Google map, Tabs block, Progress bar, Team block, Social Icons, Icon Box, Star Ratings, and much more.

10. CoBlocks

CoBlocks is a block collection plugin that features 31 blocks. This Gutenberg plugin is a beautiful creation of GoDaddy. The vision for CoBlocks is to create a suite of Gutenberg blocks to help make beautiful websites easily. It is an extensible, adaptable, and open-source plugin. Coblocks has sufficient blocks designed for restaurants and hotels you can explore and use as required. You can tailor each block to your taste using the custom controls and settings. The cost of CoBlocks is $0, or free.

CoBlocks have a number of interesting features that make using the new WordPress editor a really fun experience. Use the exceptional Row and Columns blocks to add dynamically generated content areas with specific responsive margins and padding settings that only CoBlocks provides. Similarly, CoBlocks lets you design web pages with alluring typographic elements. Set fonts, sizes, weights, transformations, and more.

Blocks Included in Coblocks

Alert Block, Click to Tweet Block, Counter Block, Food & Drinks Block, Gif Block, Masonry Gallery Block, OpenTable Reservations Block, Pricing Table Block, Map Block, Services Block, Media Card Block, GitHub Gist Block, and much more.

11. The Plus Blocks

The Plus blocks plugin is one of the finest plugins with numerous useful blocks. It is perfect for Bloggers, Freelancers, Marketers, Agency Owners, Designers, and anyone who loves using Gutenberg. It works with all popular themes and supports Multilingual. Do you know, it comes with 85+ Advanced WordPress Blocks, 300+ Prebuild UI Blocks & Templates?

It is a freemium plugin. The free version offers 30+ extensions whereas in pro 40+ new blocks are added. Premium blocks include floating effects, magic scroll, mobile menu, Mega menu, audio player, Mailchimp, Coupon codes, and more. Besides, it is packed with 14+ Templates & 300 UI Blocks to kickstart your design.

Blocks Included in the Plus Blocks

Blog builder BLock, Ajax search bar, Preloader, Dark mode, On scroll animation, Data table, Post Listing, Pricing list, Progress bar, Tabs tour, Flip Box, Pie chart, Video Block, Form styler, etc.

Hence, We tried our best to pick the best, free and popular Gutenberg block plugins. All the Gutenberg block plugins listed here boost the capabilities of the Gutenberg block editor. Choosing the one depends on your business type. What types of blocks are essential for your website? Answer yourself and start using it. All of them are people’s favorite, the most downloaded, and have good customer reviews as well as 5 stars ratings.

Enjoy creating breathtaking websites with Gutenberg block editor and Gutenberg block plugins.

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