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DarkBiz – User Guide

Why DarkBiz Pro for your website?

Free PlanAwesome FeaturesPremium Plan
YesResponsive LayoutYes
LimitedTop Bar OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedHeader OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedTypography OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedColor Options for multiple sectionsAdvanced Settings
NoVideo background for inner BannerAdvanced Settings
LimitedInner Banner OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedFooter OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedPost OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedSidebar OptionsAdvanced Settings
LimitedMultiple Demo Layouts20+ Readymade Templates
NoFooter Editor OptionsAdvanced Settings
NoInner Pages layoutYes, About, Services, Team, Portfolio, Pricing, Contact, Blog, Woocommerce Pages etc.
NoReorder any sections ( Homepage and Inner pages)Yes ( Extra flexible settings )
NoPrivate Live Chat SupportYes
DefaultPagination OptionsDefault, Load More, Numbering
No ( Manual Setup)Free Template SetupYes ( Select any Readymade Templates )
No ( Single Template Import option )Unlock All Premium TemplatesYes ( One-Click Import,( RT Easy Builder Plugin )
Default layoutBlog layout ColumnListing + Grid Layout ( Up to 4 columns)
Pro Features list
Free Vs Pro (Premium)

Premium WordPress themes: The theme provides extra features for your website with better enhancement and premium layouts.

RT Easy Builder: It is an advanced addon library for Elementor that allows you to create a custom layout. All you need to be is creative or start with ready-made templates.

Rise Blocks: Gutenberg blocks provide you the power to create a custom layout for pages and posts even without coding knowledge. All you need to be is creative and understand the available blocks in your block library.

Minimalists and Clean Code: This theme is built based on minimalism. So, you can find the necessary options to create a beautiful website. Besides, it incorporates clean codes. So there are no unnecessary codes that will increase the file size.

Easy Customization: You can customize the theme through a theme customizer. Set the options as per your requirement and give a personal taste.

Responsive design: The theme is compatible with all devices. Additionally, RT Easy Builder and Rise Blocks have a feature to make the content responsive – spacing (padding and margin); and stacking the content.

SEO Ready: The theme incorporates the latest coding standards. It is fast, compatible with all popular browsers, and responsive to all devices. Additionally, the theme supports the most popular SEO plugins to get extra features.

Unlimited Colors Skins: With this feature, you can get a unique and different design that will set you apart from others.

Quick and Friendly Support: In case of an issue, you can consult with the support team through live chat. Additionally, we have prepared easy-to-follow documentation on different headings.

How to install and activate DarkBiz Pro?

After purchasing DarkBiz Pro, you will get a zip file. Please follow the following steps to upload and install the theme.

  1. Hover Appearance on the left sidebar. Click on the Themes section.
click themes
  1. Now click on the Add New Button just displayed on the right side of the title.
  2. Click on the Upload Theme button found on the right side of the title.
  3. Now a section will be displayed where you can upload a zip file. Click on the Choose File button. Select the DarkBiz Pro zip file through the dialogue box and open it.
Upload theme
choose BizSmart Pro theme
  1. Finally, install it by clicking the Install Now button.

To activate the theme

  1. During the Pro Theme activation, you’ll see the options.
  2. Welcome to DarkBiz Pro! To get started, please enter your license key:.
  3. Click the Agree and Activate license button.
  4. Then click on the Activate License button.

How to customize DarkBiz Pro?

Hover on the Appearance section on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Customize section.

It will then forward you to the customizer page. You can now modify/personalize the theme as per your need through settings found on the left side.

On the right side, you will find a live preview of your site to determine the changes.

You can modify the options categorized as DarkBiz Options, Site Identity, Background Image, Menus, Widgets, and Homepage settings through customizer settings. Additionally, you can add custom CSS in the Additional CSS section.

DarkBiz Pro constitutes options for the Home Page Slider, Top Bar, Header Options, Typography, Color Options, Breadcrumb Options, Inner Banner Options, Footer Options, Post Options, Sidebar Options, Advanced Options and Rest options. You can go to individual sections to modify the settings as per your requirements.

After you customize the theme as per your requirement, click the Publish button to publish the website.

How to import demo content?

Elementor Templates

Install RT Easy Builder to import Elementor starter template from plugin directory. After successful installation, head on to Appearance -> Rise Demo Importer.

Rise Demo Importer
  • Now, choose your desired starter templates from the list. Click on the “Import” button.
choose template
  • It will then notify you with a list of necessary plugins for installation.
  • Click on the continue and import button to import the template.
rt easy builder template importer

Gutenberg Template

Install Rise Blocks to import the Gutenberg starter template. Also, you can follow this article ( Create a homepage on WordPress website using Gutenberg block editor) in order to get clear instructions.

  • Create a new page then instead of selecting blocks, click on the “Get Rise Blocks Templates” button available on the sidebar options under Document.
Get rise block template
  • Rise Blocks Library will pop out. Select the desired templates from the list to insert the design on the page.
insert templates from rise block library
  • Alternatively, you can import components only as per your needs. Click on the components available on the top right of the Rise Blocks Library. Select your desired component and then click the insert button.
insert components from rise block library
  1. After you finish importing the template, change the content and hit the publish button to make it live.
  2. If you are still confused to setup homepage using Gutenberg Blocks, watch the video tutorials:

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