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Travel Store is a one-step solution for creating and online travel store.

It is a fully customizable theme that is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform for WordPress, minimalist product addons for WooCommerce. Travel Store includes a number of features that can help you increse sale, improve customer service, and build brand awareness.

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Light weight addons for WooCommerce

In the bustling world of e-commerce, efficiency and user experience are paramount. Travel Store, as one of the leading platforms for building online stores on WordPress, offers a plethora of tools and features. However, sometimes you might find yourself in need of specific functionalities that are not part of the core WooCommerce package. This is where lightweight add-ons come into play.

Rise Blocks – A Complete Gutenberg Page Builder

News and Blog

This block will fetch five blog articles either all posts or by category and show it in a grid format.

Profile Cards

Add this block to share your energetic team members. You can add their photo, name, description and social profiles.

Page Slider

This block enables you to fetch other page’s heading and excerpts; and display it in a carousel layout with a link.


This block enables you to add a section with a desired layout that allows you to add other block within it.

Advanced Heading

This block enables attractive heading for the pae or section with the label feature to show extra information.


This block helps to display upto four statistical data like completed projects no of clients, etc

News Blocks

HThis block will fetch three blog articles either all posts or by category and show it in a grid format.

Call to Action

This block helps to make attractive call to action section with customized background image and button.

Social Link

This block enables you to display social icons and set a link to each icon to the relevant social profile with different design options.

A New Collection of Patterns

A New Patterns Library, containing a range of different elements in a variety of styles to help you build great pages. All of your website’s most important areas are coverd: headers, testimonials, pricing tables, sections and more.


Powerful Features to Build Impressive Websites

A Custimize Every Block with Custom CSS

The Custom CSS features make it possible to directly customize the CSS properties of any Gutenberg block on the page. You can add media queries, change colours, and add borders all in one easy-to-follow ara.

Woocommerce ready

Business One Page Pro is WooCommerce ready. So you have got everything you need to start a powerful online store and manage it like a boss.

  • A lightweight addon for WooCommerce
  • Enhances customer’s shopping experience.
  • Provides complete control over the product and cart
  • Take a glimpse of item withour visiting the product page
  • Effortless online shopping with the Mini Cart feature.

Instant Search results

Get instant search results wiht our awesome live search feature on you WordPress Website. This feature provides you the relevant suggestions right on the search box saving your customer’s lprecioud time and effort

Custom Quality Input

Changing the quality is way too easy with this feature. Custom Quality Input helps your customers to change the order quality right through various carts- Mini Cart, Shopppping Cart, and during the checkout as well.

Bulk Variation – Available for pro users only

Bulk variation allows your customers to order multiple quantities of the same products with variations, such as color or size easily. It saves time and effort as your customer doesn’t need to select each variation and add them separately. This feature ensures a convenient and efficient shopping experience, enabling your customers to order exactly what they need in a single go.

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