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Gutenbiz Dark Pro

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Easy SetupWhether you need a corporate website, e-commerce website, or any other type of website, Gutenbiz Dark pro will help you to create one with an elegant design. The theme is fully compatible with the WordPress editor, WooCommerce plugin, SEO plugins, Contact Form plugins, etc. that will provide extra features.Gutenbiz Pro theme comes with a premium Gutenbiz addon (WooCommerce minicart, advanced heading and advanced typography) and the Rise Blocks Pro, a Gutenberg Page builder. Henceforth, you need to install the Gutenbiz WordPress theme.


Gutenbiz Dark Options Rise Blocks Pro
TypographyColor OptionsBreadcrumb OptionsInner Banner OptionsFooter OptionsPost OptionsSidebar OptionsAdvanced OptionsMenu LocationsPrimaryFooter social menuGutenbiz AddonsWooCommerce minicartAdvanced TypographyAdvanced HeaderSlider UnlimitedAdvanced HeadingSectionCall to ActionBlogCounter UnlimitedIcon Boxes UnlimitedProfile Cards UnlimitedAdvanced ButtonsSocial IconsAccordionNews Block #1 UnlimitedCarousel Post

Why Gutenbiz Pro for your website?

The main reasons to choose Gutenbiz Dark Pro are as follows:
    1. Premium addons:¬†Gutenbiz Pro comes with premium addons –¬†WooCommerce Minicart, Advanced Header and Advanced Typography that creates an opportunity to enhance your website.
    2. Compatible with Gutenberg Blocks: Gutenberg blocks provide you the power to create a custom layout for pages and posts even without coding knowledge. All you need to be is creative and understand the available blocks in your block library.
    3. Rise Blocks Pro: Gutenbiz Pro includes Rise Blocks Pro Plugin through which you can create awesome layouts for your website.
    4. Save $19.99: You can save $19.99 with Gutenbiz Pro. If you purchase Addon and Rise Blocks Pro separately, then it will cost you more.
    5. Minimalists and Clean Code: This theme is built based on minimalism. Therefore, even with the necessary options, you have the power to create a beautiful website. Besides, it incorporates clean codes. So there are no unnecessary codes that will increase the file size.
    6. Easy Customization: You can customize the theme through a theme customizer. Set the options as per your requirement and give a personal taste.
    7. Responsive design: The theme is compatible with all devices. Additionally, some blocks have a feature to make the content responsive ‚Äď spacing (padding and margin); and stacking the content.
    8. SEO Ready: The theme incorporates the latest coding standards. It is fast, compatible with all popular browsers, and responsive to all devices. Additionally, the theme supports the most popular SEO plugins to get extra features.
    9. Readymade templates and components: With Gutenbiz Pro, you have access to premium templates and components, built using Rise Blocks Pro. Click here to view templates and components.
  1. Quick and Friendly Support: In case of an issue, you can consult with the support team through live chat. Additionally, we have prepared easy-to-follow documentation on different headings.