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How to build a site on the WordPress platform?

There are multiple platforms in markets to create a website for your organizations, companies, business, and services. WordPress is also one of the website-building platforms with high flexibility and popularity in the market. This website-building platform powers over 43.3% of all the websites on the Internet. It is completely free to use and download. Moreover, it lets you install additional extensions, themes, plugins, addons, widgets, or blocks for free to add more charm and functionality to your website.

Learn to start a site with WordPress

Have you made up your mind to use WordPress to create your websites? If yes, we are here to help you to start a site with the WordPress platform.

  1. Buy a domain name. Find the domain registrar to buy a domain name. There you can see the domain checker to check the availability of the domain name of your choice.
  2. Choose a hosting service provider. There are numerous Web Hosting companies in the marketplace. Choose the best hosting and credible hosting provider with good customer reviews.
  3. Buy a web hosting plan. After you have finalized the hosting provider you should consider which web hosting plan to choose. It should match your budget and requirements. Select a hosting plan that’s optimized for WordPress.
  4. Install WordPress.Now it is your turn to install WordPress. Most hosting providers might offer a one-click WordPress installation tool on the web hosting control panel.
  5. Customize the website. Go to the dashboard of WordPress to go through the different processes. Choose a theme that fits your brand and content the best, install the plugins you need, add widgets, and tweak the design using the theme customizer.
  6. Start creating content. Create the essential static web pages and start publishing blog posts and templates.
  7. Promote the website. You can drive high traffic to your brand-new WP site using various methods. For this, you can use plugins for SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing and make your brand.

Sum Up

Wanna create a website of your own to brand your business and services? But completely new and know nothing about website building? Searching platforms to create websites? No worries why we are for. We have every informative article one needs to know before and during building a website. These are just basic articles needed when building a site. Review these articles immediately to learn the basics of WordPress:

For more information, you can check our official site to overview all information you may need.

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