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How to create a homepage on WordPress website using Gutenberg block editor

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. According to W3Techs, about 36.1% of all websites are developed with WordPress CMS. It is the most popular CMS available over the internet with lots of enthusiasts contributing it. Therefore, we can see lots of themes and plugins that help to create functional websites. However, it doesn’t always have an elegant design which is necessary for better user experience. But don’t stress out as WordPress offers you to get a custom homepage. And you can use themes from this theme list and Rise Block, a minimalist Gutenberg page builder block to create awesome pages instantly.

Note: Gutenberg Blocks are newly introduced text editor in WordPress from only 5.0 version. Please check which version you have. Additionally, if you have Classic Editor installed in your WordPress then Rise Blocks won’t work correctly. First, you have to deactivate it through plugin settings then only you will be able to enjoy the full feature of Rise Blocks

But first, let’s understand why we need a home page with an elegant design.

Reasons behind choosing an elegant home page design.

In the present context, many people summarize the content of a website on the homepage. Therefore, people are prone to visit the homepage to grab the information all at once. Hence, you need to have a beautifully designed homepage because people tend to engage with awesome and clear design rather than with a lousy one. Additionally, an elegant and clean design gives people a clear focus on what they are seeking. The elegant design delivers better user experience and thus has an opportunity to convert the visitors into leads for your business.

Setting a custom homepage in a WordPress website

On the fresh installation of WordPress, the homepage is set to show the most recent posts. This is because WordPress was developed as a CMS for blogs, initially. With time, it didn’t limit itself to blogs, rather it is used for multiple purposes like small business, e-commerce sites, etc. With that, you can now set a specific page to be the homepage of your site instead of recent posts. Here are the steps on how to create a custom homepage.

  • Create a new page with the title “Home”.
  • Design your page according to your needs.
  • Click the publish button available on the right side of the screen to make it live.
Click the publish button available on the right side of the screen to make it live.
  • Now we need a blog page to show recent posts. So, create another page with the title “Blog”.
  • Click the publish button without designing the page, as this page acts as an archive page for the blog posts.
how to create Blog archive page
  • Click the setting option available in the left admin panel. Then go to the Reading Settings and click it.
Reading Setting
  • Here, you will get a choice to display your homepage as your latest posts or a static page. Click the radio button for “A static page”. Then choose “Home” as a homepage and “Blog” as a posts page. Then click on the “Save Changes” button to save the setting available on the bottom left side.
how to creae custom homepage

You just created a custom homepage for your website. Design wisely, as this will be where visitors are often attracted to. If you find it hard to design the page, you can use a Rise Block to do the job for you.

Creating awesome homepage instantly using Rise Blocks

Rise Blocks is a lightweight Gutenberg WordPress block. It has almost all the blocks necessary to build awesome and beautiful designs. Since it’s minimal, it helps to increase the speed of the website. Here’s how you can create a homepage instantly by importing the homepage template right from the page.

  • After installing the plugin you will be able to use the blocks and template available in the library.
  • When you create a new page for the homepage, instead of selecting blocks, click on the “Get Rise Blocks Templates” button available on the right side under Document.
importing Rise Blocks Template
  • Rise Blocks Library will pop out. You can then select from the available templates to insert the design on the page.
  • Alternatively, you can import components only as per your needs. Click on the components available on the top right of the Rise Blocks Library. Select your desired component and then click the insert button.
Rise Blocks Library
Readymade Components Library
  • After you finish importing the template, change the content and hit the publish button to make it live.

Conclusion ;

Hopefully, you have a clear idea of how to create a custom-designed homepage. You can either do it by yourself or import ready-made templates from the Rise Blocks Library. Importing from the library may ease out some of the challenges like responsiveness issues, creative placement of different components, etc. If you run through any issues while creating a custom homepage or have any questions regarding Rise Blocks, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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