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Must-Have Features Of a Travel Website

Travel Website Features!

This era is the era of technology and its evolution has emerged travel industry making it full-fledged. The tradition of communicating and dealing face-to-face or visiting physical locations has transformed. Now users want immediate access to the details and complete the booking with a tap of their fingers. With a growing digital platform, creating a website to run a smooth travel business is very prominent. It is impossible to drive business growth without an online presence in recent days.

The one who already has a travel agency or planning to launch a travel business must have a solid online presence in this 21st century. By going online, travel agencies can reach more people and build a good reputation for their brand. All you need to make sure the travel lovers land on your travel agency website. To do well in the competitive travel niche, you need a well-designed website that is easy to use. This article will revolve around the essentials and basic functions and features of a travel niche website.

Why do you need a website for a travel business?

Why a travel business website? There are thousands of travel agents in a particular city aiming to achieve a common goal like booking tickets and packages. It is highly possible that an agent with an office in the same street as yours might be earning more but how?

Guess the answer? It uses technology to make it more smooth and flexible. These days people spend a lot of time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Get in touch with every level of people via different social platforms and redirect users to an official website page. Online promotions and marketing help to increase branding and boost your travel sales.

Customers can view your services and the details surrounding the travel packages, locations, customer reviews, ratings, and every piece of information you have shared. It makes the process easier, faster, smoother, and hassle-free, and most importantly it builds credibility among users.

List of Must have features for Your Travel Website

You as a travel and tourism website owner must provide travelers with the right information at the right time, tailored to meet their specific needs. Your website should be user-friendly, elegantly designed, fully functional, and run without any hindrances. And travel-specific features like booking, google Maps, travel packages, pricing, images, and payment are the most important features to be included before you make your website live.

Let’s look at the features in detail of a travel website so that you can be mindful while you craft a website.

Straight forward Search Filters

Search filters enable website visitors to search packages based on pre-defined search variables. With this module, you can assign multiple attributes on different parameters for filtering on your website, including location, trip date, price per night, and more. It lets categorize the trip and tour package based on those attributes. You can assist visitors in searching for the tour packages that suit their needs which helps in increasing conversion rates and package sales.

Google Map

Google Maps is also one of the essential travel website features. Integrating the travel website with Google Maps gives customers the privilege to view their destination on the map. They can check out the distance of their destination and the nearby places like hotels, restaurants, and parks while planning a journey. It works as a guide which results in increasing engagement on your website.

Predictive Search

Predictive search also makes your travel website more effective. A predictive search is a drop-down list of possible suggestions that pop up immediately while typing. Users can enter the first couple of words and get the possible suggestions that match their query. In Addition, it also helps users to find queries and answers to them that they didn’t know about. Likewise, predictive search helps quicken searching for anything on your website by saving time for typing.

Extensive Tour packages

It is one of the basic features of a travel website. A travel website is impossible without packages. Your website should offer unlimited tour packages for customers of various distinctive tourist locations. Limitless options to choose travel destinations help grow your website and increase your chances of landing more sales and conversions. The more you offer, the more you gain.

Transparency on rates

Showing different pricing details is quite common. Due to the distance, facilities, and location, the prices of different packages vary. So a travel website should showcase the price with a suitable amount in a transparent way. Mention what the users are paying for such as airport tickets, bus reservations, car rents, hotel bookings, food and snacks, and more. If they find affordable and suitable tour packages for them they would choose you as their travel companion.

Easy Booking System

Traveling starts with a booking. That’s why your website must have an easy booking system so travelers can book their destination’s packages without hassle. The booking system should make sure that the price adjusts automatically based on the number of people selected for booking. Moreover, it should help owner track all their bookings from the backend.

Weather Forecast

 Weather forecast displays different weather conditions like current temperature, humidity, wind, pressure, UV index, and the sunrise and sunset time for the location. Travelers can plan their trip perfectly and keep the essentials as per the weather of their desired destinations. Mainly, it helps travelers choose their preferred and most comfortable destinations. Packing jackets in summer is ridiculous, isn’t it? So travelers should get informed about the weather beforehand.

Itinerary Downloader

This feature is good for offline users. The itinerary downloader is needed to generate the itinerary PDF which includes various content of the trip to create an offline. It enables travelers to have a quickly accessible trip detail brochure file. If we are traveling to remote areas with zero access to the internet we can download itineraries and other essential details to get updated and plan every moment of your trip.

Group Discount

Discount is also the best way to attract customers to your travel site. When people travel in groups they ask for discounts and coupons. Your travel website should offer this flexibility when selling tour packages to several people in the same group. Anyone wants to save money. At the same time, you can offer discounts and grow earnings by selling multiple packages.

Image/ Gallary

People desire to see how the destination looks before a trip. Capture the beauty and display good-quality travel images of the place, city, attractions, and hotels listed on your travel website. You know, images speak a thousand words. Travelers get to know how exactly the locations are, with the help of images. HD Images and a gallery of beautiful images play a vital role in attracting customers. Add more informative gallery items – the audio, video, and pictures and make people feel like it’s a travel site.

Rating and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are an invaluable source of feedback. It is one of the best ways to let new travelers know about the services you offer. Good reviews and ratings build credibility among new customers and impact on deciding on whether to buy travel packages from you or not. Good ratings and reviews leave positive impressions on potential customers and help increase sales.

Payment Integrations and Simple Checkouts

Travel website owners don’t want customers to leave the payment incomplete and cancel the booking just because your website doesn’t support a payment mode, right? Owners and customers should be able to have better transactions with an easy, secure, and trustworthy payment gateway as desired. If you want your visitors to purchase any travel services from your website, you need to offer them as many payment options as possible. Also, customers should get access to pay partial or full for each booking to build up a strong and worthy connection.


In the beginning, creating a website is a foremost task. Firstly, learn to create a travel website. Install the best travel theme, and a travel plugin like WP Travel, and check all the aforementioned features on your websites. Provide all the crucial elements with an alluring website design and turn visitors into customers. This is not enough you can add more features besides these.

In this competitive market, your website should possess all the essential functions and advanced features that other travel websites don’t offer. Most Importantly analyzing competitor’s strategies is also one of the important factors in improving sales and providing the best services to your customers. Perfectly design a feature-rich travel website, gain customers’ trust, and make a profit.

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