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Travel Store: Theme Review

Contributing travel industries launching travel stores to travel lovers? Traveling to woods, forests, mountains, sea, and hills definitely needs backpacks and comfort while trekking, hiking, and exploring. Isn’t it? The travel store is specially designed for travel store owners and encourages travelers to travel with comfort. As a result, it boosts sales and creates brand awareness. With a travel store, you can create any type of E-commerce business store like single brand websites, online retailers, software businesses, online stores, multi-stores, wholesalers, digital products, and so on. That means anyone who aims to sell (physical or digital products) online can use this theme to create an amazing website without code.

In fact, it is a block-based theme so any new users who have very little technical knowledge can customize and create a site easily. Each template’s parts, pattern, and block can be easily edited and customized. Travel store enables you to easily design engaging product showcases, highlight special travel deals, and showcase customer testimonials with just a few clicks. 

Why Choose a Travel Store?

There are so many reasons to choose a theme; Travel Store. It is enriched with outstanding features you will be delighted knowing it. Let’s check what makes Travel Store out of the box.

Woocommerce Integrated

Ye this is a woo-commerce-based theme which is why it is compatible with Wocommerce. With a travel store users can transfer their simple site into an online business website. You can get a shopping cart, checkout options, and product-adding functionality to run an e-commerce business site. It allows you to sell digital and physical products, take secure payments, manage inventory, and sort all your taxes automatically.

FSE Optimized

Travel Store is a complete block-based site editing theme. Travel Store accesses all the features of full site editing. You can modify templates, set global styles, edit navigation menus, and more. Moreover, it operates a system of customizable and movable blocks. FSE-optimized Travel Store provides more efficiency–ultimately lessening the time needed to build websites from scratch.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO Friendly )

No Doubt, Travel Store is a search engine-optimized theme. This theme will assist you with online marketing, boost brand awareness, and increase high-quality traffic, and revenue online. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more a website will gain attention and attract potential and existing customers to your business and services. The SEO-friendly theme, Travel Store helps in upgrading your website to increase its visibility when people search for your products or services.

Integrated with the Rise block plugin

The Rise Blocks plugin has numerous, essential, and awesome layout blocks to add additional charm to a site. Page slider, Image slider, News block, Accordion, Navigation, and more blocks are available. The blocks are lightweight which will help to create awesome websites free from unwanted codes.

Compatible with Gutenberg Editor

It is compatible with the popular block editor Gutenberg. With it, you can create content using pre-defined blocks or custom blocks. It provides a library of pre-built elements or blocks. You can get more flexibility and control over the way content appears on a page. You can get a clean and comfortable writing environment, with striking typography and plenty of space for the content to rise.

Gutenberg functions like a page builder. It will surprise you with the awesome available number of blocks, ranging from a paragraph to tables, images, video embeds, and many more.

WC Booster Compatible

This theme is WC booster compatible which is a minimalist addon for Wocommerce that is introduced to enhance eCommerce sites. This theme enables your ability to customize product offerings, ensuring you meet the unique needs of your travel-focused business. It provides additional options and upsells, boosting your revenue potential. Moreover, you can manage your products efficiently and boost conversions effortlessly. Besides, it lets you customize the cart and product display, enable quick product previews, and configure additional fields during checkout. With WC Booster, you have complete control and can offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers. 

Responsive Design

Whatever your device is; mobile, laptop, iPad, or anything your site automatically adjusts the size because Travel Store comes with a mobile responsive web design. It helps build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. Ultimately, your website looks perfect on all sizes of screens.

Instant Search Results

For better customer experiences your website must have instant search. This theme offers instant search results with an awesome live search feature on your WordPress website. Moreover, this feature in Travel Store provides you the relevant suggestions right on the search box saving your customer’s precious time and effort.

Quick View

Get Instant product Information without leaving the webpage by choosing Travel Store. Quick View features in this theme help display product information through a pop-up right on the product listing page. Additionally, you can add the product to the shopping cart through this pop-up view shortening the buying journey.

Mini Cart

The Mini Cart feature allows customers to view and manage their shopping cart without visiting the cart page. It allows customers to easily adjust the quantity of products they want to purchase. Once they adjust the quantity, they can update the cart and proceed to checkout directly. Indeed, this feature ensures a seamless experience for customers, making it quick and efficient to manage their cart and complete their purchases.

Wrap Up!

Thus, a Travel Store is a theme designed for travel-related business. However, this theme is the best match and best fit for everyone who wants to run an online selling platform. And you know, it is a feature-rich theme with all the advanced, modern, and alluring features such as woo-commerce integrations, block plugin compatibility, one-click demo import, translation ready, SEO friendly, and much more. If you want more advanced functionalities than on the free version you can buy premium. It comes in a premium version as well.

Embark on a transformative journey for your travel business with Travel Store. Boost sales, generate revenue, and create brand awareness with Travel Store.

 Once you try Travel Store, there’s no turning back – this theme is so damn good and breathtaking. It’s a complete package that will last forever. If you have any queries related to Travel-Store do comment below or through live chat. We are always available there for you.

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