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WCKTM Contributor Day successfully completed today!

The first day of WordCamp Kathmandu contributor day is successfully completed today. The biggest WordPress event WordCamp Kathmandu 2023 is a two-day event organized for WordPress enthusiasts, users, contributors, and WordPress lovers. Every year WordCamp community of Nepal organizes the WordCamp Event. Last year WordCamp Kathmandu 2022 was held on the 3rd and 4th of September at Alice Receptions, Gairidhara, Kathmandu. This year too the venue is the same but the date is slightly changed and is happening this year on September 8th & 9th, 2023. However, the event is organized by a local community, and several national and international companies strongly back it up. 

What is Contributor Day?

If you are freshers and newbies on WordPress, the term contributor day might confuse you!

Contributor Day is a one-day networking and learning event that creates an opportunity for WordPress users to come together and contribute to the open-source WordPress project. On this day one can work together with first-time contributors and veteran WordPress project contributors to make WordPress a better, easier, and more accessible tool to use for everyone. It offers an opportunity for new contributors to network with fellow contributors and learn how to contribute to various projects of WordPress and give back to the community.

Today, the expert contributor day team leads shared their expertise and knowledge with the newbies and enthusiasts of WordPress. They spoke on how we can contribute to WordPress and the WordPress Community. They also encouraged attendees/teams to create wonderful and amazing themes, templates, plugins, addons, and upgrades on polyglots, support, patterns, languages, and more.

There were 10 tables with intellectual team leads on different WordPress core values. The contributor day session was combined with diverse teams working on areas ranging from core and community to design and polyglots.

The contributor day started with registration and welcome drinks at 9 a.m. Then there was a welcoming program for teams and table leads as well. After that, attendees chose their interested team to learn about it and contribute their expertise as well. Teams were divided into groups with one team lead. They shared a guide as well for first-time contributors on how to do everything well.

With a cherished opening, contributor day ran smoothly. Chetan Prajapati was the team lead of Core where PHP, HTML, JavaScript, or CSS experts joined this table to write new code, update existing code, or even fix bugs. Ananta Raj Mishra was the team lead of the polyglot section today. Enthusiast learners learned to translate WordPress into their preferred languages and shared their ideas as well. Likewise, Prasant Sinkhwal was at the support table answering a question in the support forums or IRC.

Anil Basnet and Santosh Kunwar led the Theme section. Team theme, reviewed and approved every theme submitted to the WordPress Theme repository. Newcomers joined this team to sharpen Theme development skills. Besides, the plugin section was led by Rakesh Lawaju where WordPressers learned the latest updates, found resources, and learned about issues around Plugin development. The Meta team was led by Umesh Balawar where attendees learned to make the site, provided support, and built tools for use by all the contributor groups.

Moreover, Pooja Derashri led a Training table and helped attendees learn to use, extend, and contribute to downloadable lesson plans for instructors via Aayusha Shrestha and Dajeema Rai took responsibility for leading the marketing table where attendees got ideas to create and amplify campaigns to support the growth of the WordPress project. 

Ravi Khadka was the team lead at photos and moderated every photo submitted to the WordPress Photo Directory. Attendees learned to improve the directory itself and provide resources and documentation to educate, encourage, and facilitate photo contributors. Rajan Lama was the team lead of the pattern section and attendees learned to add Patterns to the WordPress Pattern Directory.

The contributor’s day was accomplished successfully by sharing insightful knowledge they possess. The contributor day conference ended at around 2 p.m. with active participation in its development, improvement, and maintenance.

Main Event( The Conference Day) The main event is going to happen tomorrow. The conference day is going to be full of presentations, exchange of knowledge, networking, and worthwhile conversations. You can also involve yourself in fun games and giveaways at booths hosted by different companies and collect several free swags like t-shirts, stickers, cups, pens, and so on.  

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