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What is a travel blog and how to write it?

If you love roaming around, exploring new places, and are passionate about traveling, trekking, and hiking, it is best to create a travel blog website. Isn’t it? You can recall journeys, share information, and also create a history of your lifetime experiences. On the other hand, your travel blog let other know about their preferred destination’s good and bad aspects which make them easier to plan their journey.

Or else you can earn money by writing travel blogs about different tourist attractions. On the other hand, some travel agencies and companies might offer you writing about various popular travel locations. You can earn subscribers, followers, and money at the same time. But you have to plan before you travel and write a blog.

What is a Travel blog?

A travel blog is a type of blog that is written in the form of articles, and posts on various travel-related topics. A travel blog can be stories, information, and reviews including images, videos, maps, podcasts, and other useful content which makes a blog more strong and reliable.

In a travel blog, you can include topics like who can go, how to go, where to stay, essentials during travel, weather, location descriptions, positive aspects, negative aspects, food, distance information, and many more.

Researching isn’t enough to write a travel blog, you have to visit once because it is better to see something once than to hear/read it a thousand times.

You can create your own travel blog website and write your own perception thoroughly. You can easily create a travel website by downloading matchable themes, registering domains, hosting, and so on. Read this article if you want to create a travel blog website; How to create a travel website?

How to write a travel blog?

Want to create a travel blog but don’t know how to start it? No worries, if you are an enthusiast travel blogger you can perfectly craft an informative and interestingly present blog. Ensure that your blog is designed for success. Your writing should attract the attention of brands, sponsors, travel journalists, and PR companies.

Most importantly, you should have a website to post a travel blog first. If you haven’t created one yet, get a URL or domain name, web hosting to store your files, and build a website with an amazing layout to reach wider and targeted audiences with your blog posts. After you have your website live you can go through this step that makes you stand out among competitors.


Research comes first before you do anything in life. You should know every detail before you travel or write about travel. On the other hand, pay particular attention to travel bloggers who have achieved long-term success, as well as the newer travel bloggers who are quickly gaining momentum.

Likewise, take notes to highlight what the high-ranking travel blogs have in common, and what makes them stand out as different. The goal is not to copy what other bloggers are doing – but to see what works and what doesn’t, and for overall inspiration. You have to analyze their writing style, page layouts, types of images, and videos on the post.

Choose the topic

We always search with the topic, niches, or keyword when we need to know on the browser, isn’t it? So yes, Niche/Topic is the most important thing that is first noticed so we should use niches with careful consideration. When you have an attractive and eye-catching niche or keyword there is always a better chance for a SEO-friendly blog. If you want your travel blog to gain the attention of travel companies or brands, your extreme focus should be on the niche as well. So they can analyze how well your blog speaks to their target audience.

Do keyword research

Keyword research is also one of the prominent tasks to be a successful blogger. You can check the keyword research tool and check which keyword is searched more on the internet for a particular topic.

There are various tools(free/paid) you can use for keyword research. The tool helps bloggers figure out what keywords and key phrases are being searched in Google. It shows how many people search the phrase each month giving you an idea of how difficult it would be to rank for that term.

Semrush, Soovle, TopicRanker, Jaaxy, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, SECockpit, and Google Keyword Planner are the keyword research tools. You can search for keywords to find which keywords are best to target and provide valuable insight.

Read other blogs in your niche

Getting ideas from other experts gives you inspiration but copying them is plagiarism. You can figure out and analyze how to write, and what points to include, and can learn techniques for writing travel blogs. Your goal shouldn’t be just to write a great blog post but should be a better blog post than anything else published online before. Go into each of those blog posts and see if you can create a second, supporting article to supplement the information.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration and a good place to find inspiration is through tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends. These websites allow you to search for a topic and see what is being written on the subject, what is being shared the most, and talked about the most online. Basically, it gives you ideas about what’s going viral and what audiences seek.

Start writing post

Once you have a topic idea, you can start writing the body content. Look over the basic and essential points that play a vital role in an effective blog post. You can list points as it’s catchy, grabs people’s attention and it’s engaging.

For your effective travel blog, your blog post must have short sentences, short paragraphs, and no flowery language. Do not forget to break content with headings and subheadings and also add, photos, use special formatting, and more like this.

Similarly, you should answer questions like “How to pack for travel”, “How to reach the destination”, “How to find cheap flights”, “How to find cheap accommodation” etc. in a post that is bound to have high search volume and thus will drive you a lot of traffic, but they’re also super useful for your readers. In addition, topics like Cheat Sheets, To-Do’s, and checklists also make your post most engaging.

Start Networking with the Travel Industry

Once your travel blog is up and running and you’ve published your first few posts, it’s time to begin networking. The primary places you want to focus your networking efforts are with your target audience and travel professionals, travel companies, agencies, and so on.

Try to get specific names and contact information for the travel professionals you find. Reach out via email, social media, or direct message to introduce yourself. You should aim to build a mutually beneficial relationship in which you blog to their benefit in exchange for travel perks and other payments. You can do this by engaging in ongoing communication, sharing sponsored blogs other travel bloggers have posted, and posting free content that is beneficial to the brands you are trying to attract attention to.

Moreover, connect yourself with other travel bloggers on social media, and also look for opportunities to connect with them in person and build F2F relationships. Besides, you can post on social media to market your travel blog to readers and network with others within the travel community.

Continue to travel, write a journal, and post regularly

If you experience a travel adventure yourself, it will be easy for you to write a travel blog. So you should keep traveling, and know about the places in real.

Grasp blog ideas and begin a travel journal Write a travel journal and keep posting on a regular basis. Set a goal to post several articles about each travel location, and feel free to spread them out over a week.

Explore Multiple Strategies to promote and grow audiences

Make your blog stand out by making your post engaging and visually appealing. Boost or advertise your blog and build up a subscriber community to boost page views and engagement and gain the attention of potential monetization sources. 

Optimizing the travel website for Google is one of the best ways to promote it for free. You can use SEO plugins that help articles rank higher, increasing the chances of gaining new readers. Share your blog posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each platform has its strengths.

Email marketing, guest posts, Pay-per-click ads, and joining travel forums and communities help promote blogs and grow audiences.

What to write in a travel blog? Blog Ideas

Well, we all know travel blogging is one of the most popular types of digital content. A perfect article is also worthless if it is not viewed by the readers. That is why we should create content on the topic targeted readers are interested in.

You can write travel blogs on reviews, comparisons, interviews, and collaboration posts, write about your feelings, etc. Moreover, you can write content on Things To Do in…Where To Stay in…Best Neighbourhoods in…Top Attractions in…Best Restaurants in…Meals To Try in…Best Hotels in…Best Hostels in…Best Co-Working Spaces in…etc.

See the list of travel content/topic ideas.

  1. What to pack
  2. Travel Insurance options
  3. How to Save Money For the Upcoming Trip
  4. Comparing popolar destination
  5. The Cheapest Route to
  6. What to Do On a Long Rides/Flights
  7. Top Destination for – Families, Couples, Kids, and Students
  8. Reasons Why You Should Visit
  9. Do’s and Don’ts In
  10. Pet-Friendly Restaurants/Hotels
  11. Best Travel Backpacks
  12. Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers
  13. Things to Do in Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring in
  14. Lessons/Fails I Learned During the Trip in
  15. Inspiring Travel Stories
  16. Educational Tours

These are just some tips to give a gist. You can explore more topics to write about. Only one destination generates a dozen of topics to create. You can create unlimited blog writing about adventures, undiscovered, popular places, monuments, and so on.

Discover places, research, write, and assist people in traveling to their chosen destinations with the help of your travel blog.


Who doesn’t love traveling? Everyone does. Travelling is itself a fun, refreshment, full of enjoyment and learning as well. And everyone needs/wants to know some information before they begin to travel. Searching travel blog about their destination is the process they start with. Definitely, your travel blog will give travel lovers a guideline to step ahead. And this article will definitely assist you with travel blog ideas.

We hope this article is really helpful for a travel blogger who has just begun or struggling to become a successful travel blogger.

Good luck with your traveling blogging journey. Remember us if you need travel themes to create your travel blog website.

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