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What is Woo-commerce? Reason and Benefits of using Woo-commerce Plugin!

All Global community who wants to run online business must have knowledge about Woo-commerce. What exactly is woo-commerce? how does it help to run an online business? Is it possible to run an online business without woo-commerce?

Well, we will help you to figure out all the possible curiosities related to woo-commerce.

What is WooCommerce ?? WooCommerce is the world’s most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress.It is designed and created perfectly keeping all small and very large business owners in mind. Doesn’t it sound cool? You as a small shop owner or you as a very large company owner can utilize all the features, functionalities, and enhancements available there and grow viewers and customers on your own. Virtually you grow customers and become famous and rich in real.

Short History of WooCommerce

WordPress users who have installed Woo-commerce plugins have definitely had an intense desire to know about its origin.

Well, It was launched on September 27, 2011. Mike Jolley and James Koster have developed and released WooCommerce and introduced it to the world. Automattic was impressed by the growth of this product and acquired it from WooThemes in 2015. Since they acquired this, Automattic has become the leading developer of WooCommerce.

As of January 2021, WooCommerce powers 30 percent of the top one million e-commerce stores. This makes Woo-commerce the most popular choice among the top million e-commerce sites.

How does it Work?

WooCommerce is a free plugin. This Plugin can turn your WordPress site into an e-commerce store. It has some striking features that make a site into a selling Platform. Shopping Cart, Check Out options, and products adding functionality transfer WordPress site into e-commerce business site. It allows you to sell digital and physical products, take secure payments, manage inventory, and sort all your taxes automatically.

Advantages and Features of WooCommerce

WooCommerce features and functionalities made it to the top of other e-commerce competitors. Let’s see, how the world has become one with the help of the WooCommerce plugin.

Complete data control

Data related to customer history and purchases, as well as store performance, plays a vital role in running an online business. You will never lose data when you have a plugin like WooCommerce. It means all data are in your hand.

Complete Control of Products

You can add a huge number of products to your site with product images or videos. Further, you can add detailed descriptions of products such as weight, height, color, size, price, and more. Also, you can categorize all the products to make it easy to customers to find the exact items of their choice. You can set your product type to Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product, Variable Product, or Virtual/Downloadable Product.

Easy Shipping

Shipping has become easier, faster, and hassle-free. The buyer should fill up his/her name, address, mail ID, and number before purchasing the product. It helps e-commerce stores to deliver the products to the right person and address. Customers can receive the desired products in many ways: Flat rate, International Shipping, Local delivery, or Local pickup. Moreover, money can be refunded as well if the product is disliked and returned by the customer. Every item that is available in a market is available here in a single site. You can imagine how easy it has become.

Easy Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is flexible and customizable. Payment can be done to customer choice. It accepts bank transfer, check, cash, credit cards and other methods as well. In addition to this, you can turn on geolocation and automatic taxes to display the correct price including taxes to your customers. You can sell your products worldwide. It also gives you an option to redirect your customer to their cart once a product is added.

Marketing Leader and SEO Friendly

WooCommerce storefronts get a significant SEO boosting because it is run by WordPress. The website owner can enable discounts and coupon codes to attract visitors to the site. It helps convert visitors to customers. It also offers another flexibility to give reviews of products they buy. Good reviews grow heavy customers.

Give reports for further planning/ Build in Analytics

It keeps you informed about the selling, spot trends, traffic, order, and status summary. You can view your gross and net sales and print them on paper. Moreover, with the help of the report, you can plan further to grow more customers to your site. In short, it helps you analyze the exact data of your site and gives you more insight into your growing business.

Major Drawbacks and Disadvantages of WooCommerce

The Major drawback of WooCommerce is, that it is WordPress Specific. The one who doesn’t use WordPress cannot use it on their sites. The one who does not use WordPress can run an e-commerce store with these alternatives: Shopify, Magento, Easy Digital Downloads, BigCommerce, MemberPress, WpForms, etc.

How To install Woo-Commerce?

  • Go to Admin Panel.
  • Hover Curser on Plugins. Next click on Add new.
  • Search for Woo Commerce.
  • You will see Woo Commerce Plugins at first. Click on Install Now.
  • Then Click on Activate.
  • After the installation process go to the Setup Wizard that will walk you through configuring basic steps to get your store up and running.

WordPress Theme Integration

Only Woo-commerce Plugin doesn’t make a site. WooCommerce is just a medium to run an e-commerce website. To create a Professional WordPress Site we need WordPress WooCommerce Themes. WooCommerce themes help you design the outlook of your online store. All you need is Install WooCommerce theme from Admin Panel>Appearance>Themes >Add New>search >install now > Activate. If you have decided to run an e-commerce business, you can go for a Multi Store Theme. It perfectly fits for all types of online business.


You all knew, WooCommerce is a complete e-commerce solution that is a fast, secure, mobile-friendly, features-packed, highly flexible, and easily customizable plugin. It can be the best choice and the user’s most preferred plugin. Just go for it. For more information, you can go through this video!

Thank you!

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