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Woo Booster: Theme Review

Woo Booster, is a powerful full-site editing WordPress theme designed to integrate with WooCommerce. It is a highly downloaded and highly activated theme. It is a block-based theme so any new users who have very little technical knowledge can customize and create a site easily.

The theme is enhanced with the WC Booster plugin and is centered around the WooCommerce and WordPress plugin ecosystem. It offers unparalleled versatility, making it ideal for various online store niches including fashion, electronics, medical supplies, furniture, sports equipment, home dĂ©cor, jewelry, and more. 

Likewise, you can create any type of E-commerce business store like single brand websites, online retailers, software businesses, online stores, multi-stores, wholesalers, digital products, and so on. That means anyone who aims to sell (physical or digital products) online can use this theme to create an amazing website without code.

It seamlessly integrates with powerful page builders like Gutenberg, Rise Blocks, RT Easy Builder, and Elementor. Its sleek, minimalist design provides an exceptional platform for crafting modern and highly adaptable websites, harnessing the latest WordPress advancements. Furthermore, It offers you quick and friendly support in case of need.

Each template’s parts, pattern, and block can be easily edited and customized. Woo Booster enables you to design engaging product showcases easily, highlight special discounts and deals, and showcase customer testimonials with just a few clicks. 

Features and benefits of Woo Booster

Woo Booster is a feature-rich theme offering users powerful, advanced options and a lot more functionalities. Check all the outstanding features of the theme and take advantage to uplift your business and step towards success.

Built Secured

 A secure WordPress theme won’t break your site or give you headaches – which is what you want! It is built secure which believes in constructing a secure platform that poses a formidable challenge for hackers attempting to breach websites.

Regular Updated and Easy to Set Up

It regularly enhances the theme with essential functionality, fixes issues, improves, and more. On the other hand, Say goodbye to installation headaches. Installing and customizing this theme is simple, easy to design, and customizable with a few clicks. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO Friendly )

No Doubt, Woo Booster is a search engine-optimized theme. This theme will assist you with online marketing, boost brand awareness, and increase high-quality traffic, and revenue online. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more a website will gain attention and attract potential and existing customers to your business and services. The SEO-friendly theme, Woo Booster helps in upgrading a website to increase its visibility when people search for trips or tour packages.

Fully Responsive and Lightweight Theme

This theme is fully responsive which means it works well with all screen resolutions such as mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. It helps build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. On the other hand, your WordPress theme is your site’s foundation, which means it plays a big role in how quickly your site loads. Woo Booster takes care of it and comes in lightweight so your site loads faster.

FSE Optimized

Woo Booster is a complete block-based full-site editing theme. In this theme, you can get all the features of full site editing. You can modify templates, set global styles, edit navigation menus, and more. Moreover, it operates a system of customizable and movable blocks. FSE-optimized Woo Booster provides more efficiency, lessening the time needed to build websites from scratch.

Woo Commerce Ready

The theme is Woocommerce ready. Woo Booster is loaded with commercial approaches so that you can run any online market adding products and attractively displaying items. You can promote and sell products easily sitting on your desk. You can add various payment options, shipping options, shopping carts, and wishlists and enjoy a safe and secure selling experience. Moreover, it allows you to sell your products, and consumers can search for products, add their cart immediately, and purchase online with their preferred payment methods.

WC Booster Compatible

This theme is WC booster compatible which is a minimalist addon for Wocommerce. Yes, Woo Booster is executed for selling packages, services, and products as well. That means your checkout, booking, and quick view will be faster and more secure than anything else. It enables your ability to customize package/product offerings, ensuring you meet the unique needs of your e-commerce-focused business. It provides additional options and upsells, boosting your revenue potential.

Elementor Compatible

Theme Woo Booster also supports the popular page builder Elementor. The powerful drag-and-drop builder assists you in designing a business site easily and effectively with just drag-and-drop functionality without codes. You can go with the flow and there is no abruption in creating a top-notch e-commerce website with Elementor.

Compatible with Gutenberg blocks and Gutenberg block plugin, Rise Blocks!

You can work seamlessly with the popular block editor Gutenberg where you will get a library of pre-build blocks or custom blocks. Furthermore, it is integrated with the Gutenberg block plugin, Rise Blocks which provides a collection of unique and awesome blocks accessing endless options for a graceful website. The blocks are lightweight which will help to create awesome websites free from unwanted codes.

Complete Control of Products

This theme offers you complete control over the products. Where you can add a huge number of products to your site with product images or videos. Further, you can add detailed descriptions of products such as weight, height, color, size, price, and more. Also, you can categorize all the products to make it easy for customers to find the exact items of their choice. You can set your product type to Simple Product, Grouped Product, External/Affiliate Product, Variable Product, or Virtual/Downloadable Product.

Quick View Options

You can get instant product Information without leaving the webpage by choosing Woo Booster. Quick View features in this theme help display product information through a pop-up right on the product listing page. Additionally, you can add the product to the shopping cart through this pop-up view shortening the buying journey.

Mini Cart Options

The Mini Cart feature within this theme allows you to view and manage the shopping cart without visiting the cart page. It allows you to easily adjust the quantity of products you want to purchase. Once you adjust the quantity, you can update the cart and proceed to checkout directly. Indeed, this feature ensures a seamless experience for customers, making it quick and efficient to manage their cart and complete their purchases.

Instant Search Results

For better customer experiences your website must have instant search. This theme offers instant search results with an awesome live search feature on your WordPress website. Moreover, this feature in Woo Booster provides you the relevant suggestions right on the search box saving your customer’s precious time and effort.

Sticky Add to Cart

Another notable feature of Woo Booster is Sticky Add to Cart. Sticky add to cart is a convenient way to add the product to the shopping cart. With this feature, your customers can quickly add the product to the cart while viewing product information. It ensures an effortless shopping experience that’s accessible and visible all the time on the product page.

Premium version available

No doubt, it offers awesome and prominent functionality and features on the free version. But a person doesn’t get satisfied and always desires unlimited and additional things if possible. You can find the extension of Woo Booster with extraordinary additional features. The pro version comes at the lowest price with amazing features, excellence, and performance. You can buy a premium extension at just $59.99 for a yearly subscription and a lifetime purchase is worth at just $99.99.

How to install the WordPress theme Woo Booster Pro?

Installing a WordPress theme is easy. For new users installing a theme is also a basic thing to learn about. You can check the article How to install a free theme for free themes? And here’s a glimpse of how to install Pro through a zip file.

  • Download the zip file from the WP repository for the free version or from our website for the pro version.
  • In your site Dashboard, go to Theme -> Add New.
  • Click Upload theme and then click on the “Choose File” button.
  • Select the Woo Booster Zip file and then Click on Install Now.
  • After Installation, click on the Activate theme.
  • You will find Woo Booster in the Sidebar of your dashboard.

Final Words

 Woo Booster is a multipurpose fantastic eCommerce and WooCommerce WordPress theme that can easily adapt to all brands and styles. It lets you create an eye-catching website that reflects professionalism and elegance.  It’s a complete package that will last forever. With RTL and WPML support on Multi Store, you can reach across language barriers. It is a flexible, feature-rich, clean-coded, and easily customizable theme. It has advanced functionality and sufficient and excellent attributes loved by developers and operators. On the other hand, non-technical users can also create their online business site in minutes because it doesn’t require any coding. It is completely a block-based theme crafted with the latest technology.

Don’t waste your time and energy on searching themes, Woo Booster is the best among all with distinctive and crucial features so enjoy developing your site in a fast and flexible manner. If you have any queries related to Woo Booster do comment below or through live chat. We are always available there for you.

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