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WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine

So, are you looking forward to the comparison of WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine (21 features compared) in 2024?

WP Travel and WP Travel Engine are two well-known travel plugins, each with its own set of features and tools for website owners.

Choosing the right WordPress travel plugin between WP Travel and WP Travel Engine is an important decision for WordPress site owners who want to improve their online travel platform.

Despite facing challenges in recent times, the travel industry remains a strong and rapidly expanding sector. According to Statistica, the travel and tourism sector contributed 9.2 percent of global GDP in 2023.

This significant growth underscores a positive trend in the travel industry, highlighting an increase in revenue generation. 

Looking ahead, the industry is poised for further expansion, thanks to favorable government travel policies.

Such development indicates a bright future for travel and tourism, making it an exciting time for businesses and travelers alike.

Now is the ideal time to embark on your journey in the travel industry. However, a crucial step in establishing a successful online presence is choosing the right travel plugin for your WordPress site. 

In this article, we will determine two popular WordPress plugins for travel websites: WP Travel Vs WP Travel Engine. We will help you decide on the best plugin solution to meet the specific needs of your WordPress website.


How Plugins Improve Your WordPress Experience

WordPress has a stunning 60.8% market share, owing to its versatile and user-friendly platform. This popularity is due to an extensive library of over 55,000 plugins, each with its own set of features to enhance and tailor your website.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from simple image optimization tools to sophisticated travel plugins complete with multiple features such as itinerary builders, Google Maps, payment systems, and so on.

These plugins are essential for transforming any WordPress site into a personalized, feature-rich online destination that can meet a wide range of needs and creative visions. With WordPress, you have the ability to innovate and expand.

Why are Travel Plugins Essential for WordPress Users?

You can certainly create a travel website without using a specialized travel plugin. However, doing so means that your site will be quite basic and will lack important travel-related features that are required for it to truly succeed.

The following features should be included on any successful travel website:

  • Full Data Reporting
  • Continues Development
  • Reliable payment processing and support
  • Itinerary builder
  • Provide a variety of services and different packages
  • Connection with social media platforms
  • Integration of Google Maps
  • Search engine optimization features like integration
  • A step-by-step reservation system

When you are choosing WordPress travel booking plugins, you can get a range of features that streamline the process of building a travel website for businesses.

What is WP Travel?

WP Travel-Best WordPress Travel Tour plugin for travel booking

WP Travel is a popular and often regarded as the best WordPress travel and tour plugin to create a fully functional travel booking website released in 2018, that aims to improve both the management aspect for site owners and the booking experience for customers.

Little things can matter when you are about to start a travel booking website like using the Best Tour Operator Plugin that allows you to create a travel website within minutes versus spending money on hiring highly paid developers consuming weeks of time

Are you thinking of creating a travel and tour booking website within minutes, without any hassle of coding and hiring highly paid developers?

Well, you can Get WP Travel Pro to start creating a travel booking website instantly.

It is an easy-to-use and awesome plugin that you can use with any travel booking site. More than 400,000 people have downloaded the product.

WordPress rates it at 4.7 out of 5 stars. You can simply add as many trips as you want with WP Travel. This plugin also includes several features and settings that improve its appeal.

WP Travel functions by allowing users to begin for free and then upgrade to paid features.

This plugin boasts a varied and expanding collection of add-ons all packed in a WP Travel Pro version enriched with extra capabilities.

When it comes to payment options, WP Travel seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways via specific add-ons. It inherently supports fifteen different payment gateways.

In terms of theme compatibility, WP Travel works well with most WordPress themes, requiring little to no customization.

Users can also use their best WordPress free and pro travel agency themes, which are fully compatible with the WP Travel plugin and ready to use right away.

Other great features of WP Travel include:

  • Discounts for Groups
  • Full data reporting
  • Translation ready
  • Trip fact
  • Itinerary builder
  • Payments on Conditions
  • Field Editor
  • Multiple Currency
  • Currency Exchange
  • Weather Forecast
  • Import/Export Features

WP Travel is an excellent choice for those in the travel industry, particularly tour operators, travel agencies, and trekking adventure companies.

What is WP Travel Engine?

WP Travel Engine Plugin Screenshot

WP Travel Engine is a popular plugin designed for WordPress websites that is specifically tailored to the needs of the travel industry.

It is an ideal tool for travel agencies, tour operators, and trekking companies, among others in the travel industry.

The plugin includes a number of features that aid in the creation and management of travel packages, bookings, and itineraries.

WP Travel Engine offers both free and premium add-on options, currently featuring 20+ diverse add-ons plus a feature-rich Pro version.

It’s adaptable, supporting eleven native payment gateways. Finally, to get the most out of WP Travel Engine, Codewing Solutions (the parent company) also offers travel themes.

Overall, WP Travel Engine comes with tons of features, including

  • Payment Gateway
  • WeTravel Integration
  • User History
  • Trip Reviews
  • Itinerary Downloader
  • Group Discount

Comparison table of WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine

OverviewWP TravelWP Travel Engine
Official site
Average Rating4.74.7
Onpage Booking
Support (Email) 
Android Mobile App
Travel Guide
Payment Gateways1511
Facebook Community
Twitter Community
Released on20182017
Number of themes40+80+
Unlimited Trip
Trip Facts
Pricing Category
Coupon code
Inquiry Form
Advance Search
Custom filter
Google Calendar
Schema Markup TestPassPass
Group Discount
File Download
Itinerary Downloader
Partial Payment
Form Editor
Currency converter

Comparison table of WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine

WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine (21 features compared):2024

When comparing WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine, it is important to take into account a variety of features that cater to various needs in the travel industry.

Here is a detailed comparison of WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine, highlighting 21 key features:

  1. Ease of Setup
  2. Onboarding Procedure
  3. Travel App
  4. On-Page Booking
  5. Travel Guide
  6. Theme Support
  7. User Experience
  8. Customization Options
  9. SEO Friendliness
  10. Pricing Model
  11. Booking Management
  12. Payment Gateway 
  13. Payment Flexibility
  14. Customer Support
  15. Multilingual Support
  16. Mobile Responsiveness
  17. Analytics and Reporting
  18. Social Media Integration
  19. Regular Updates
  20. Advanced Search Functionality
  21. Scalability

Let us discuss more about the above-mentioned features:

1. Ease of Setup

Installing WP Travel is a simple process, whether you choose the free or pro version. It is as simple as going to the WordPress plugin directory to get the free version.

WP Travel can be downloaded to your local device from this page. 

Then, go to the dashboard of your WordPress site, navigate to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload, and upload the plugin.

WP Travel can also be added directly from the dashboard by searching for it in the plugin section.

There is an additional step for license activation in the Pro version of WP Travel, but it is just as user-friendly.

You can easily activate your license after purchasing the Pro version from the WP Travel official website.

Simply go to your WordPress Admin Panel, find WP Travel, and then go to Settings >> License. You enter your license key here, and you are ready to enjoy the full range of WP Travel Pro features.

While WP Travel Engine provides a smooth installation and license activation process, WP Travel takes pride in providing an intuitive setup that caters to all users, regardless of technical expertise.

Choosing the Pro version of WP Travel unlocks a world of advanced features and add-ons, maximizing the functionality and user experience of your travel site.

WP Travel and WP Travel Engine are simple to set up in this case. There are no complicated steps, and it installs just like any other WordPress plugin. Also, activating the PRO license key is simple.

2. Onboarding Procedure

Getting started with a travel website has never been easier, thanks to WP Travel’s simple and intuitive onboarding process.

WP Travel’s step-by-step guided setup is intended for first-time users. 

WP Travel Roadmap for installation

WP Travel ensures that even those who are new to WordPress can easily navigate through the initial stages, allowing them to confidently and easily set up their travel site.

This user-friendly Onboarding is a standout feature that makes WP Travel an excellent choice for beginners or those looking for a quick start.

WP Travel Engine elevates the onboarding experience with sophistication and is ideally tailored for the seasoned user who thrives on detailed and comprehensive setups.

3. Travel App

WP Travel. Mobile Apps

WP Travel Apps gives easy access to your booking and inquiry from your travel site. Explore WP Travel Apps features. It offers a powerful dashboard that saves you a lot of time in navigating through complex and hard-to-understand designs.

The main dashboard of the app looks clean and minimalist. All it shows on the dashboard are the things that matter to you the most- the number of inquiries and the number of bookings.

So, here comparing WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine based on app features, WP Travel wins precisely.

4. On-Page Booking

On-Page Booking-WP Travel

In the fast-paced world of online travel booking, the ease and efficiency of the booking process can make or break the transaction.

This is another feature that distinguishes WP Travel from the WP Travel Engine. WP Travel provides a streamlined, user-friendly booking experience right on the same page with its innovative On-Page Booking feature.

Visitors can easily browse through tours and services and make bookings without having to navigate to different pages. This not only improves the user experience but also increases conversions significantly.

WP Travel Engine lacks this On-Page booking convenience and requires users to complete their bookings through additional steps.

This can be a setback in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where users expect quick and hassle-free transactions.

On-Page Booking

The absence of On-Page Booking in the WP Travel Engine may result in a higher drop-off rate, as potential customers may lose interest or become distracted during the process. 

Thus, for those looking to provide a more efficient booking experience, WP Travel’s On-Page booking feature clearly has the upper hand.

5. Travel Guide

Travel Guide-wptravel.ioi

When it comes to creating a visually appealing travel guide for your website, WP Travel clearly outperforms the WP Travel Engine.

The process of creating an immersive and interactive guide is not only easier but also more engaging with WP Travel.

Consider a platform on which every feature is intended to transform your travel narratives and itineraries into vivid journeys that effortlessly draw in your audience.

This is where WP Travel shines: you can create a travel guide that is not only visually appealing and easy to navigate but also informative thanks to its extensive customization options and user-friendly interface.

WP Travel Engine lacks a tour guide feature. The ability to weave in-depth travel stories, rich with maps and photos, is a feature where WP Travel Engine falls short.

This makes WP Travel the go-to choice for anyone looking to create a travel guide that is both informative and inspiring, truly capturing the essence of each destination when comparing WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine

6. Theme Support

When it comes to theme support, WP Travel shines brightly, with a larger number of themes and exceptional versatility.

This plugin boasts unparalleled compatibility with a wide range of WordPress themes, ensuring that WP Travel integrates seamlessly, maintaining the aesthetic and functional harmony of your site. 

While WP Travel Engine has good compatibility, it primarily focuses on specialized themes for integration. This approach can be restrictive, especially if you want more design options. 

WP Travel’s flexibility makes it a superior choice for users seeking a travel plugin that adapts effortlessly to their existing website theme, providing a smooth and cohesive user experience without the need for extensive customizations.

WP Travel themes are popular in comparison to the WP Travel Engine.

7. User Experience

The user experience is a critical factor that can make or break a website’s success. WP Travel truly shines in this aspect, offering a smooth and user-friendly experience.

WP Travel focuses on a seamless user experience; it is not just about simplicity and making efficient and enjoyable interactions for every user, whether they are casually browsing or actively booking their next adventure.

Whereas, WP Travel Engine presents a more detailed interface to users who desire comprehensive control over their site’s functionalities.

While this is advantageous for those with a specific vision and technical know how it can be somewhat overwhelming for new users or those looking for solutions.

In this comparison, WP Travel stands out as the more user-friendly option. It prioritizes ease of use without compromising on functionality, making it an ideal choice for website owners who want to provide their visitors with a pleasant, hassle-free browsing and booking experience.

8. Customization Options

Step into the world of unparalleled customization with WP Travel, where you have the power to personalize your travel site’s appearance and functionality.

WP Travel stands out for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. 

While WP Travel Engine offers customization, particularly with its pro features, WP Travel takes it a notch higher.

It ensures that even without the pro version, you have options to make your site not just functional but also a reflection of your brand’s personality. 

9. SEO Friendliness

WP Travel stands out as the superior choice for improving your travel website’s SEO friendliness in the digital world, where visibility is critical to success.

WP Travel is expertly designed with a robust set of SEO features to ensure your travel content not only reaches but also resonates with a larger audience.

The plugin works in sync with search engine algorithms to improve your site’s ranking and online visibility.

This is achieved through optimized metadata, URLs, and sitemaps, ensuring your travel stories and packages are easily discoverable by potential travelers.

While WP Travel Engine has adequate SEO capabilities, it frequently requires additional optimization efforts to achieve comparable results.

This may require more time, resources,and adjusting settings in order to fully realize its SEO potential.

WP Travel’s SEO advantage is more than just ranking higher; it is also about providing a more user-friendly and search-engine-friendly platform right out of the box.

This ensures that your travel website is more than just a destination, but rather a journey that starts at the top of search engine results. 

  • Schema Markup Validator Test

It is a tool for validating all structured data from that is embedded in a web page.

Schema Markup for WP Travel.

Schema Markup for WP Travel

Schema Markup for WP Travel Engine.

Schema Markup for WP Travel Engine

Here, both WP Travel and WP Travel Engine passed the schema validation test, and we can see that WP Travel has more items than WP Travel Engine.

10. Pricing Model

Pricing is a critical consideration for many website owners. WP Travel shines with its freemium model, striking the ideal balance between affordability and functionality.

While talking about the pricing, WP Travel offers $99.99/year but WP Travel Engine charges ($288/year which is $24/month)

It allows you to use key features for free, making it an excellent choice for those just starting out in the travel industry.

When you are ready to scale up, WP Travel provides a simple upgrade path that unlocks advanced features. 

WP Travel Engine also uses a freemium model, but it focuses on a variety of premium add-ons. While these add-ons are useful, they can be costly, making WP Travel a more cost-effective and budget-friendly option for those looking for both quality and value in their travel plugin solution.

With WP Travel, you get the best of both worlds: free essential features and an affordable gateway to enhanced capabilities, ensuring your site grows together with your business.

11. Booking Management

WP Travel stands out for its exceptional ease of use and streamlined processes when it comes to managing your travel bookings.

WP Travel simplifies the booking management experience, allowing you to effortlessly handle customer bookings and inquiries.

This perception is ideal for both newcomers and seasoned travel industry operators, ensuring a hassle-free management experience. 

WP Travel Engine has a more complicated booking management system. While it is well-suited to handling complex travel packages, it can be inconvenient for those who prefer simplicity.

WP Travel’s booking management system adapts to your needs, whether you run a small travel blog or a large tour agency, providing a perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency that the WP Travel Engine may not always match.

Choose WP Travel for a booking management experience as enjoyable as the journeys you provide, ensuring that your focus remains on creating unforgettable travel experiences rather than getting tangled in complex management tools.

12.Payment Gateway 

The choice of payment gateways can be a game-changer. WP Travel takes the lead in this arena with its support for an extensive range of payment gateways, ensuring that no matter where your customers are in the world,

they have a convenient payment option. This flexibility not only enhances the user experience but also broadens your market reach. 

WP Travel provides 13 payment gateways. This includes PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe Checkout, Stripe iDEAL Checkout, Squareup Checkout, Khalti Checkout, Authorize Net Checkout, Instamojo Payment Module, PauU Latam Checkout, PayU Checkout, Paystack Checkout, PayHere Checkout, PayFast Checkout, and Razorpay Payment Module. 

While WP Travel Engine offers fewer payment solutions in comparison to WP Travel. WP Travel Engine provides 11 payment gateways.

This includes WooCommerce Payments, Stripe Payment Gateway, PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway, PayU Money Payment Gateway, Midtrans Payment Gateway, PayHere Payment Gateway, Himalayan Bank Payment Gateway, PayU Biz Payment Gateway, PayFast Payment Gateway, Payment Gateway, and WeTravel Integration.

Choose WP Travel and watch as your booking process becomes smooth and accessible, contributing to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversions.

Setting up payments is easier in WP Travel as compared to WP Travel Engine.

WP Travel makes it simple to set up payment. Simply navigate to WP Travel > Settings > Payment. You will now have the option to add PayPal and Bank Deposit.

If you want to use more payment gateways, you should purchase WP Travel PRO, which includes access to all payment gateways. You can also enable partial payment and taxation for trips here. 

WP Travel setting page
WP Travel Payment Page

13. Payment Flexibility

WP Travel provides exceptional payment flexibility, perfectly tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s travelers.

Recognizing the importance of accommodating various payment preferences, WP Travel integrates a wide array of options.

From traditional methods like credit cards to modern digital wallets such as PayPal, Stripe, Khalti, Squareup, PayHere, PayFast, etc. This platform ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction experience for every customer.

In comparison, while WP Travel Engine offers a range of payment solutions, WP Travel goes a step further in its commitment to user convenience.

Its extensive payment options cater to a broader audience, making it a preferable choice for those seeking an effortless booking experience.

This focus on user-centric payment flexibility is what truly sets WP Travel apart as a leader in the travel booking sector.

14. Customer Support

WP Travel is known for its responsive and exceptionally helpful customer service team. WP Travel sets a high standard for providing timely and effective assistance.

Whether it’s a basic query or a more complex issue, users consistently praise the WP Travel Support team for their patience, expertise, and willingness to go above and beyond.

This level of personalized care not only enhances the user experience but also instills confidence and trust in the product.

WP Travel Engine also offers robust support, particularly for handling technical inquiries. However, where WP Travel edges ahead is in its commitment to user-friendly support.

This approach is especially beneficial for those who may not have the same technical skills, making WP Travel an ideal choice for a broader range of users. 

15. Multilingual Support

Step into the global arena with WP Travel’s exceptional multilingual support, a feature that truly sets it apart.

Serving a national and international audience, WP Travel effortlessly breaks language barriers, offering your travel site the ability to speak multiple languages.

This isn’t just about reaching a wider audience; it’s about connecting with them in a language they understand and prefer. 

While WP Travel Engine also steps into the multilingual field, WP Travel takes it a notch higher.

It’s not just about offering translations; it’s about providing a seamless, culturally resonant experience that resonates with travelers from all corners of the globe. 

16. Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s fast-paced digital world, mobile responsiveness is not just a feature; it’s a necessity. That is where WP Travel really shines.

It is designed to work perfectly on all kinds of devices, whether you’re using a phone or a tablet. This means that when you are using WP Travel to plan your trips, everything is easy to see and use.

WP Travel Engine also focuses on mobile compatibility, serving a mobile-first audience; it’s WP Travel that takes the crown for superior mobile responsiveness.

It is really user-friendly, making sure that you have a great experience, whether you are just looking around or planning your next big adventure. Also, WP Travel has an Android app for their users.

17. Analytics and Reporting

The power of data cannot be emphasized. WP Travel stands out for its exceptional analytics and reporting features, which are designed to provide detailed insights into your company’s performance.

WP Travel provides you with access to an advanced suite of analytics tools that thoroughly examine your operational data.

These tools track key performance indicators and present them in an easy-to-understand format, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

This level of detail in reporting and analytics is what distinguishes WP Travel, providing you with a better understanding of customer behaviors, booking trends, and overall business health.

WP Travel Engine, on the other hand, provides comprehensive analytics tools that are invaluable in facilitating data-driven decisions.

However, WP Travel’s data depth and detail give it an advantage. WP Travel’s reports allow you to adjust your strategies, tailoring your offerings to better meet the needs of your customers.

WP Travel’s distinct advantage in analytics and reporting ensures that you are not only keeping up with your business needs but are also prepared to anticipate and adapt to future trends, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize business growth.

18. Social Media Integration

In today’s digital world, where social media presence is top, WP Travel shines with its superior social media integration capabilities.

This powerful plugin seamlessly connects with a wide array of social media platforms, amplifying your marketing efforts and extending your reach. 

With WP Travel, you can effortlessly share your travel packages, deals, and exciting offers across various social networks, tapping into a vast audience with ease.

Its instinctive design ensures that promoting your travel services on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is not only effective but also incredibly user-friendly.

While WP Travel Engine also offers social media integration, WP Travel takes the lead with its more advanced and seamless connectivity options.

This edge in social media integration by WP Travel translates into higher engagement rates, increased traffic to your site, and, ultimately, a more substantial online presence. 

With WP Travel, you’re not just planning trips; you’re creating a community and a following on social media that grows with your business.

19. Regular Updates

WP Travel not only keeps your travel site running smoothly but also secures it against the latest digital threats.

With regular updates, WP Travel ensures your features are always cutting-edge and your security is top-notch.

Imagine a travel booking system that evolves with your needs, maintaining the integrity and reliability of your site, all while giving your users an ever-improving experience.

WP Travel Engine also provides performance and security updates, but there is a catch when it comes to the frequency of updates.

With WP Travel, you are getting more than just regular updates; you are getting a platform that is always one step ahead. It is not just about staying updated; it is also about remaining versatile and customer-friendly.

20. Advanced Search Functionality

As the owner of a travel website, you must ensure that your site is easily found. WP Travel makes it simple to improve the searchability of your website.

Both WP Travel and WP Travel Engine excel in search functionality, but WP Travel stands out for its customer-focused approach. Both plugins come with default advanced search capabilities in their free versions.  

This powerful tool allows users to easily navigate through options based on price, destination, activities, trip types, duration, and more.

WP Travel goes a step further by providing custom filter options for even more personalized searches.

Making it a more inclusive and user-friendly option for website owners who want to provide their visitors with a comprehensive and customizable search experience from the start.

21. Scalability

When it comes to scalability, WP Travel stands out as a versatile solution tailored to accommodate the evolving needs of businesses, regardless of their size.

This plugin is designed with growth in mind, ensuring that as business expands, WP Travel effortlessly scales to match the increasing demands.

Whether you are just starting out or managing a large-scale operation, WP Travel’s infrastructure is enough to handle a flow of customers, more complex booking requirements, and a broader range of travel packages without compromising on performance or user experience.

In comparison, while WP Travel Engine also offers scalable solutions, WP Travel takes the lead in this aspect.

Its superior adaptability makes it a more suitable choice for businesses that anticipate rapid growth or significant fluctuations in their operational scale.

The ability to scale effectively with WP Travel means you won’t have to worry about outgrowing your travel booking system; it grows with you, seamlessly integrating advanced functionalities as your business needs evolve. 

Pros and Cons

WP Travel Pros and Cons

Extensive Customization OptionsLimited Design Templates
Highly Scalable
Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
SEO Friendly
Regular Updates for Features and Security
Mobile Responsive
Strong Customer Support
Detailed Analytics and Reporting

WP Travel Engine Pros and Cons

Basic version is FreeLimited Advanced Features in Free Version
Customizable to Suit Various NeedsPotential Complexity in Configuration
Supports Multiple Payment GatewaysMay Need Technical Expertise for Customization
Mobile-Friendly DesignLess Comprehensive Analytics 
Regular Updates for Features and SecurityIntegration Challenges with Certain Themes
Performance Impact on Website
Fewer SEO Optimization Features
Limited Design Templates

How do I make the Best Decision?

Both WP Travel and WP Travel Engine are excellent travel plugins. They offer a variety of features for travel business owners or agencies that are constantly looking for new ways to make travelers’ journeys memorable and to provide them with useful tools.

However, on comparing WP Travel vs WP Travel Engine, the features from the complete overview, we can see that WP Travel wins the position for best WordPress Travel plugin. That is not to say that the WP Travel Engine is the worst.

WP Travel Engine has a good set of features but falls short in some areas. However, if you are looking for a complete package that will assist you in improving your travel site, marketing it, and growing it to a higher level, WP Travel is the right choice.


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