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Best Travel and Tour operator Plugin: WP Travel

Worried and thinking of launching a Travel and trekking website? We all know what basic entities are needed for a tourism business site. A site must have travel booking, payment process, travel facts, tax options, multiple prices for multiple tour destinations, coupon system, google maps, and many other features. With all these features available WP travel plugin comes to accomplish every need a travel website must have.

WP Travel is the most powerful travel plugin that is activated by more than 6,000 users and downloaded 225,000 times. It is highly rated, highly recommended, and the perfect choice for people around the world. If you are in search of a perfect, elegant, and wonderful plugin for your tourism business no other plugin can beat WP Travel. It is loved and highly admired by WP Travel plugin users.

Why WP Travel for your travel and tour website?

It is a complete package with all the awesome features required for tourism business. You can create and launch your site in minutes because it has been finely programmed and set up. Let’s dive into the excellent features of the WP Travel Plugin.

Booking System

This feature helps the traveler or your customers book their desired travel destination from home through your site. Alongside you can track all their bookings from backends.

Payment Process

You don’t need to install any other plugins for the payment procedure. Owners and customers can have better transactions with an easy, secure, and trustworthy payment gateway as desired. Also, you can set the partial or full payment for each booking so that you can build up a strong and worthy connection with your customer.

Tax Option

Another prominent feature of WP Travel is the tax option. It let you enable and disable the tax for a trip price. whether you can include tax or exclude tax with a trip amount is your choice. When the tax amount is inclusive, the total amount is the actual price and tax included. If you choose the exclusive option then tax will be automatically added during the checkout process.

Trip Facts

Each travel destination has its own trip facts. You can add the facts of pricing, weather, facilities, route, and the nature of the destination( adventure, sightseeing, cultural, etc ). Such facts let your customer choose the right destination and plan for the trip.

Multiple Price and Multiple Dates

Well, you as a website owner can add multiple prices to multiple destinations. Trip extras, duration, location, and distance can affect on price fixation. Likewise, You can set prices as per the age group; adults, children, and old age people. Along with this, prices can be different for a single traveler and travelers in a group. Travelers in groups can have some more discounts than a single one.

Talking about dates, you can add departure and arrival dates as per the destination. How many days the journey can go long? You can set the duration of the trip too.

Tour Extras

If you would like to offer any extra items to the travelers you can add trip extras on your website. So that they may know what extra things you are going to provide them. You can offer them air tickets, water bottles, lunch, snacks or any other basic materials required during the trip.

Google Maps with Zoom Level settings

WP travel comes with two extensions for google Maps; WP Travel Mapquest and WP Travel Here Map.WP Travel mapquest is free where you can search for locations and for tour packages based on an address, business, or category. Further, you can create a map showing multiple locations with custom markers. The best thing about mapquest is, it shows traffic conditions and directions for hikers and transport users along with the initial zoom level on the screen. WP Travel Here Map is for pro users if you love it purchase it and take full benefits from it.

Full Date Reporting

Data analysis plays a vital role in making decisions for further planning. WP Travel has an in-build booking stat that helps you to generate reports from different date ranges, types, and locations.

Well-documented and Support forum

Nothing to worry about regarding the configuration and customization of WP Travel. You will get finely described step-by-step documentation with each and every single detail. Moreover, you can visually watch the tutorial videos of WP Travel on youtube and go through them. You know what, it also has a diligent and excellent support team for your service 24/7. Install it with an open heart and stop worrying about setup.

Coupon System

Do you want to attract customers by offering discounts on their booking trips? If Yes, the Coupon system of WP Travel helps you to offer discounts and rewards to your customer. You can get two types of Coupons: Percentage and Fixed. Percentage coupon discounts the allocated percent from the total amount when booking the trip being logged in.

Similarly, you can add a unique coupon code, set the expiry date, coupon status, and set coupons for particular trips. The customer can apply the coupon code that is inputted in the coupon field in the mini cart section.

In Sum

WP Travel is in fact a powerful and wonderful tour agency plugin in WordPress with awesome and amazing features. It is available in the Premium version so that you can make your travel business more advanced, modern, and popular. It has more than 15 pro modules related to travel such as custom filters, wishlist, WP Travel Zapier, Utilities, WP Travel Advanced Gallary, Partial payment, and more. Alike this, it has the ability to access any online payment around the globe because of its multiple and premium payment modules. Widely Popular available payment gateways like PayU, Khalti, Paypal, Paystack, Payfast, and PayHere will definitely help in catering to worldwide customers.

Last but not least, WP Travel comes with numerous travel and tour agency WordPress themes both free and premium. You may not know, WP Travel is the best destination for travel agency themes. With the available lovely and outstanding travel themes out there, you can share your travel services using all the amazing features of the WP Travel plugin within minutes.

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