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How do you design web pages in block themes?

Do you have a website designed with a block theme? If yes, you should know how to edit each part of a site. isn’t it? No worries, you can design web pages on your own. We all know block themes are easy to customize and the whole site is editable without codes.

First, you should learn about full-site editing before getting into this. FSE typically stands for Full Site Editing, a WordPress feature that allows you to design entire web pages using the block editor. Full-site editing has brought numerous useful blocks offering opportunities and creating possibilities for designing an awesome and professional look for a site. With all the available blocks you can create a whole page and design it as you desire.

Learn to Design web pages

Here’s a general guide on how to design web pages using the Full Site Editing feature in WordPress.

Install and Enable the FSE theme

Make sure you are using a theme that supports Full Site Editing. Ensure that Full Site Editing is enabled on your WordPress site.

Access the Site Editor

In the WordPress admin, go to the “Appearance” menu and select “Site Editor.” This will open the Full Site Editor, where you can design your pages.

Add Blocks

Use the block editor to add different blocks for text, images, buttons, and other elements if needed. FSE allows you to design your entire page using blocks. On the other hand, creating the page and designing it by ourselves is also the best thing. Click on the toggle block inserter to get these blocks and drag and drop them at your desired area. That’s all easy and simple. Visit this page to learn more about creating a page in detail: How to create a page in WordPress?

Customize Blocks

Each block can be customized using the block toolbar and block settings. Adjust the content, styling, and layout as needed.

Template Parts

FSE also introduces the concept of Template Parts, which are reusable components. You can create and customize Template Parts to use across multiple pages. If you want to check the block pattern created by the theme you have used on your website, you will notice the patterns including the entire page design from the Pages category. If you want to quickly create a page layout such as a homepage, about, or services, just create a new page and choose the needed layout in the Pages section. or you can choose patterns from

Global Style

FSE themes often come with Global Styles, allowing you to set global settings for your site’s typography, colors, and other design elements. Explore and configure these settings in the Site Editor. Go through this post for detailed information about customizing colors and fonts; How to customize colors and fonts in a block theme?

Preview and Publish

Use the preview option to see how your changes will look on the live site. Once satisfied, publish your changes.

Redirect to Documentation

Check the documentation provided by the theme developer and WordPress for any theme-specific features and guidelines on using Full Site Editing.

How to edit and create a new page in the Block theme?

After you install this theme, the website will be shown as shown on the demo. By editing each page you can make your website and edit with your content. To edit the page you should move to Apperance> editor> pages>. Then select the page you want to edit and click on edit. You can add blocks as per your requirement too within pages selecting blocks.

refund and return policy

In case you want to create pages on your own you should go to the ‘dashboard’ click on ‘pages’ then click on ‘add new’ to add a new page for your website. Sometimes, a theme might not create a page as your company’s requirement and the theme might have a slightly different design that doesn’t suit your needs. In that case, you need to edit some parts of the pages or create a new page within. You can create a complete web page by adding blocks, templates, patterns, and pages. It also allows you to import pre-design starter templates for you.

In the end, we can conclude that Block theme allows you to design the whole part of a website from header to footer. You can create and design web pages on your own and add blocks and patterns. Instead, you can import the whole site demo from a demo importer where you can get the best starter template designed by professionals of various niches.

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