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How to edit the footer in WordPress site?

Footer is the integral bottom area of any websites. And What about the Footer widgets? Footer widgets are common but very essential elements that allows users to add a specific feature to the footer area of a website. Footer widgets takes your site to the ultimate height and with it you can design and customized your sites layout beautifully.

Footer widgets, the inherent part of each site enables users reach to the destination they prefer. It means it carries the essential message, information, links, resource and creates the shortcut ways to forward viewers to the backlinks or outbound links pages.

Available Widgets for footer section

We all know, WordPress comes with a bundle and variety of default widgets. It also gives options to add widgets to different areas of a site. It is up to user’s need and where the widgets get fits to site : header, footer, sidebar, even on the page itself. Well, WordPress widgets are not created differently as according to the areas. You can use any widgets anywhere. When it comes to the footer design, it’s all up to the users’ preference. Select the one relevant to your website.

What widgets can be included to footer section ? How it works? Types of Widgets

  • Recent posts, pages, categories widgets : It let showcase the recent post and pages titles and categories on footer section.
  • Archives and calendar widgets . These widgets displays archives and calendar.
  • Privacy policy, term and conditions widgets : You can also deliver privacy policy, term and condition of your company to the viewers.
  • Copyright claim widget :It helps protect the original works of authorship .
  • Map widget : It helps customer to find the company’s exact location.
  • Shopping cart widget: This widget is for the e-commerce site to sell the products.
  • Form widget : Contact form is the mostly used form in a site. Forms like consent forms, content submissions, contests widgets can be edited in footer area. It helps to build up the connection between viewers and owner.
  • Social media widgets :You can get in touch with your targeted viewers on your other social profiles/sites like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube along with website .
  • Email subscription widget : It enables you to build the subscriber list through your website.
  • Text widget :You can add any text in different forms like paragraph, list, heading, table and display in various design such as rows, column, group ,button etc.
  • Call to Action widget :The main aim of this widget is to tells the user to take some specified action. A call to action is typically written as a command or action phrase, such as ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ and generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink.
  • Search Widget : It allows viewers to search for content and items in quickest manner.
  • Meta widget : It let to go into the WordPress administration panel from your main website.
  • Company information widgets (about us page, career, board of advisors etc.)

(Please kindly note that any Gutenberg blocks that WordPress access can be added to any areas of a website with a single click.)

How to Add / Edit Footer Widgets?

Let’s learn to add widgets to the footer section. Why not we use our brain and select the eye catchy , essential and effective widgets for footer area. Add those widgets that couldn’t fit and couldn’t included to page but very essential to our site .Make accessible and easier to your viewers to explore and discover you.

Edit Your WordPress Footer With Widgets

To access to the Widget area, head to the Appearance from Dashboard. Then hover curser to Widgets.

Widgets page has three different areas to edit : sidebar, footer widgets area and and inactive widgets area.

You can edit footer by simply dragging and dropping the preferred widgets to the footer area. You can inserts blocks from Add block(+) icon and also from toggle block inserter at the left top of a page. Moreover, you can design footer area by placing items and content in column, rows and group. As I said earlier, you can add anything you get from toggle block inserter. Images, meta, navigation menu, site identity, archives , social icons , calendar, post , categories, embeds and many more uncountable widgets.

And if you can’t find the widgets to match your need there, there is always a custom HTML widget which will fulfill your need. Custom HTMl block widgets helps you to insert code snippet from other sources to your site. For instance, you can embed contact form, Google Maps, call to action (CTA) buttons, and other content from third party to your site.

To add the Custom HTML Block to your content, place your cursor where you want the block to appear and select the block Inserter icon. A search box will open where you can enter a search term or scroll through your options. Search for custom html and paste the code you have copied from other sources. You can see the preview instantly.

Edit the Footer via Your WordPress Theme

You do have another option to edit your footer area from the WordPress Theme. Customization options of footer varies from themes to themes. You can edit as according to the theme features you have installed and activated.

  • To manage widgets from theme options go to Admin Panel >Appearance > Customize > Widgets.
  • Now, You can add widgets block of your choice from Add block.

Footer Options : This section access you to customize the colors, border, and text of the footer to fit the site’s overall design. Note that, the footer options varies from themes to themes.

Once, you are done with the customization and managed footer widgets properly, click on Publish.


Alike Header, sidebar and other areas of a site, footer area is also the most prominent part of a site.Thus, If you can’t edit and manage the footer properly, you site won’t look perfect, elegant and professional. Nicely managed widgets works a lot to flourish and make number one site. Be Very careful and sensible while selecting footer widgets.Beside these, it helps improve SEO and increase traffic to a website.

In this article, We tried our best to share you about Footer and Footer widgets. In case of any confusion feel free to comment and questions below.

Thank you !

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