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How to create Navigation Menu in WordPress site?

A site without a menu is like content without a title. Menus are the vital, basic and important part of a site. Menus create gateways to move to another page, post, or links to the websites.

If we go through the already made known/unknown websites, we can see the menus out there. Well, you are making websites then why would you miss to create menus for your sites, right !! Menu Locations and menu numbers differ from theme to theme. Some themes offer one single menu location and some offers multiple. Below shown Multi Store theme offers 3 locations in the header area. It depends on the theme you are using. learn to add and create menus for your website.

How to Add a Navigation Menu?

What is the navigation menu? A navigation menu is an organized list of links, that helps to move into the internal pages of a site. It usually appears at the top of your website. You can add the most crucial pages, WordPress blog posts, custom links( social profiles), and categories to the menu of your choice. We will share with you the step-wise instructions to create a navigation menu.

  • From your Dashboard, hover a curser on Appearance.
  • Next, click on Menus.
  • Click on create a new menu.
  • Write a Menu Name.
  • Choose the Menu Location. The display location differs from theme to theme.
  • Now, it’s your time to Add Items to the menu.

How to put on pages to the menu?

Before moving into this section, you must have already created pages, posts, and categories. How can we add items without creating any items right !.

  • Have a look at the left side column of the menu interface.
  • If you want to add pages to the menu, click on Pages. Then you will see the pages you have created.
  • To see all the pages you have created click on View All. If not, click on Most Recent to display the recent pages.
  • Next, you have to select the page you want to show to Menu.
  • You can arrange the order of Menus by dragging and dropping them.

(You can add posts to a menu in the same way as you did while adding pages to the menu .)

How to add Custom Links to a menu?

See how vast and advanced WordPress has become. It accesses us to add social links to the menus as well. If you wish to share your social profile to the navigation menu you can click on Custom Links. You can use it to link your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, etc. You can get connected to your viewers on your other social profiles.

For this, you have to copy the URL link you want to share with viewers and paste it here in the URL box.

Then write an URL Link Text and click on Add to Menu. Don’t forget to Press on Save Menu after adding Menus.

How to include Categories in a Menu?

Tips to create a Product Category!

It is very essential to create a product category for woo-commerce users who wants to build an e-commerce platform and sell products. To create new categories in WordPress, go to Product from Dashboard. Hover the cursor to Categories, Click on Categories. Fill up the category name, its slug (which will be used in the category URLs), and the category description, and then click on Add New Category.

Blog Post Category

You can add categories while writing a blog post. On the right side of the screen, you can see a post section.Click on Categories> Add New Category> New Category Name.Further, it also allows you to create a Parent Category. Also, you can search previously added categories from Search Category.

Above all, you just learnt to create new categories. Adding and creating is a different thing. After we are done with creating then only we can add items to menus.. Alike adding customs Links, Posts and Pages to the menu, move your cursor to the left screen of the Menus Page. Select the category you want to add to menus and Click on Add to Menus. Then, press on Save Menu. It is simple yet easy too.

Thus, the first and foremost task while creating a site is adding a menu as well. It makes a site professional and elegant in real. We hope, with the help of this article you can now add items to menu and also can create categories for the products and blogs. If you want to add a dropdown menu or sub-items to menu you can go on reading our article: How to create a dropdown menu on a site?

Learning never ends. Be with us for further information and knowledge about WordPress.

Thank you!

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