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Ujwal Thapa, co-founder of WordPress Nepal is no more!

We are deeply grieved by the untimely, sudden, and eventual departure of Ujwal Thapa, Co-Founder of the WordPress Nepal Community. On thirteen days of the mourning ceremony, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolence to his bereaved family lamenting the irreparable loss. May the deceased soul rest in peace.

Cause of Death / Cremation

Ujwal Thapa had gone on a trek to Everest Base Camp. He probably was trying to evade the second wave of Covid19. During his trek, he suffered from severe illness and returned back to Kathmandu and was admitted to HAMS hospital in Dhumbarahi on May 16. After he tested for corona he was found positive and sifted to Grandy hospital at Tokha. His health condition deteriorated rapidly way so he was taken to Medicity Hospital at Nakhu on May 24. Oxygen and ventilator had stopped working on him and he was put on ECMO ( Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation ) for further treatment. In the course of ECMO treatment, he suffered from a Brain Hemorrhage.

The outpouring of blessing, prayers, and treatment didn’t work and he left us on 1st June at 4.25 in the evening. After the death reveal, he was immediately taken to the cremation process. His cremation took place at Pashupati. His body was covered by the national flag. Ranju Darshana and Alok Subedi (Party member of Bibeksheel Nepali political Party) lit a fire on his dead body and sang the national song “Rato ra Chadra Surya”.

Inseparable Connection of WordPress and Ujwal Thapa

Do you know when was WordPress first created in the world? It was in 2003. The surprising fact is that WordPress was launched in the same year here in Nepal. All Credit goes to Ujwal Thapa, Chandra Maharjan, and Sakin Shrestha. Ujwal Thapa is the co-founder of the WordPress Community. In the beginning, he started a one-man company, website design, and development called “Digital Max Solutions ‘. This website company gradually uplifted and increased the number of people working there. His company got popular day and day and made a profit. Seeing growth in his company, he saw the potential to establish the IT industry in Nepal.

Keeping other distractions aside he got dedicated to building several IT companies. At that time DMS (Digital Max Solutions ) had stood up as a strong Company with 35 team members. Later, 30 employees of his company have now entrepreneurs themselves and creating jobs for thousands of others. More than 8000 people are contributing to IT industries now. Their services have been globalized through their knowledge, excellence, skills, and experience. They all are now able to compete with perfection.

IT companies are flourishing day by day and have offered new opportunities and employment to many youths in Nepal. He was a mentor and Investment advisor in Nepal. With his support and mentorship, many youths have become successful in their career. Uttam Chhetri (Yam Bdr Chhetri), a founder of ‘Web Experts Nepal’ is the perfect example of it. He is running his IT business successfully with 40 team members in it. He has also established so many other It companies to foster and uplift IT industries in Nepal.

Alumni Group has also played an important role to boost the web design and software development industry in Nepal. Along with this, Ujwal and his team create an open community called ‘WordPress Nepal’ to assist and propagate more IT entrepreneurs. WordPress Nepal has organized many WordCamps in different cities of Nepal where IT entrepreneurs are invited from all over the world. They share experiences, and information and have discussions on different issues they face.

Contribution of Ujwal’s for Prosperous Nepal

He was frustrated with Nepal’s situation at the time. Citizens were suffering from civil wars, tyranny, electricity shortages, internet cuts, brain drain, and several others. These problems were extremely disturbing the hostile environment for IT firms to scale up as well. While he was running his IT business he and other like-minded Nepali citizens started and tried to create something new and help others.

  • He even created a news portal that aggregated all Nepal-related news into one site.
  • He started an online travel help community ‘exotic buddha’ for foreigners and local tourism firms-professionals.
  • He worked as a conflict resolution in remote villages in Surkhet and Rolpa as a trainer, mediator, and facilitator in Nepal. 
  • He rose up to protest on the streets of Kathmandu against “bandhs’ branding themselves Nepal is open activists.
  • To press for a timely Nepal constitution, students and professionals, celebrities and rights activists, house-wives and entrepreneurs got united to build a unique Nepali civil society movement aptly called “Nepal unites” परिवर्तनको लागि हामी नेपाली एक। 
  • He was the Co-founder and co-ordinator of an ‘ Entrepreneurs for Nepal ‘ (E4 Nepal) consisting of 119.6.k members.
  • He turned him into a political leader of the BibekSheel political party to clean Nepal’s toxic political culture which is the root of many evils. He chose the hardest path with the vision of restoring ‘common sense’ back to Nepal, eradicate corruption, social evils, and build an entrepreneurial society.

We tried to mention here some of his initiations and contributions. Some of his mission got failed and were discontinued and some practices are on the way to success. His efforts for a prosperous Nepal were countless. Indeed he was the voice of the voiceless and a helper in need. He not only opened a noble path of positivity, independence, courage, commitment, hard work, and innovation but also taught the lesson to fight against social evils, corruption, wrongdoing, and several more.

Moreover,he always emphasized becoming responsible. He said in the ‘Linkedin’ post, “I am helping build 21st-century leadership for building judicious citizens, entrepreneurial society, servant government, and a friendly state to build Nepal into a “Guru Nation”. Transformative changes, spirituality, innovation, and technology are some of my interests. ”

Who was Ujwal Thapa?

He was a Nepali youth leader, activist, entrepreneur, and social worker, and part-time coffee farmer. Ujwal was the co-founder of WordPress Nepal. He was the president of the Bibeksheel Nepali party. Besides this, he was the coordinator of the Bibeksheel Sajha Party.

How was he?

Ujwal Thapa was a rare and ideal man with extraordinary qualities. He was the perfect leader, mentor, and motivator. He was a man with outstanding visions, thoughts, and missions. Ujwal believed in action and deeds rather than words. He was an energetic, handsome, and good-looking tall man. Besides these, he was courageous, confident, and fearless-spirited. He was dedicated, supportive, and committed to the right things. He earned people rather than money. It is proven by the overwhelming outpouring of love, concern, support, and affection shown in different social media in the last stays of his life.

Family Details / Education

He was born in 1976 in Syangja district of Gandaki province. In his early life, his parents sifted to Kathmandu and became a resident of Chappalkharkhana. He was the first son of Uday Thapa and Santa Thapa. He has a brother who currently lives abroad with his family. His wife’s name is Erica Thapa.

Thapa was educated up to A levels at the Budhhanikantha school in Kathmandu Nepal. He won a scholarship to study Astrophysics in the USA at the age of 19 but he studied for a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia, Interface Design, and Hybrid Arts at Bennington College in Vermont USA since 1996 and completed it in 2000.

For Further Information

If you are longing to learn more about Ujwal Thapa you can go to Why Nepal official website. This is his personal blog where you can get detailed information about him. He has written more than a thousand articles related to different sectors such as tourism, spirituality, politics, poetry, policies, entrepreneurship, inspiration, leadership, and so on. You can follow his path for a better and happy future. You can read both in English and Nepali language.

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