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What’s new in WordPress version 5.8?

The new updated version of WordPress has recently released on 20th July 2021. WordPress Version 5.8 ‘Tatum’ is the second major release of 2021. As always, this updated version is also named with honor after the legendary Jazz pianist, Art Tatum. Let’s read about the latest version and get ready to explore the newest version. To experiment you have to download or update version 5.8 in your dashboard.

Major Improvements in WordPress Version 5.8

Template editor around the post

There are more than 20 plus new blocks available within compatible themes. While editing a post or a page you can create a new template. For this, you have to create the ‘New’ link under the template tab. This is a theme-based feature.

Manage widgets with blocks

With this feature, you can add blocks both in the widget area or you can add widgets as blocks to your website and sidebars. Moreover, you can also do it with a live preview through the customizer.

New Blocks and Patterns to display posts

Query Loop Block makes it easier to display a list of posts, pages, or products based on specific parameters; like PHP loop. Previously you had to use plugins for this purpose.

Duotone filter for styling and coloring Image

It helps to add a pop of color to style and design your images or media to integrate well with your themes. The good news is, you can select the favorite color of your choice for the shadows and highlights too.

Support for WebP images by default

Web P is a modern image format that reduces the image size by 25-34 % than PNG and IPEG without losing quality. Without using any plugins you can upload or save your WebP pictures to your site.

Additional block support

WordPress 5.8 has done many enhancements for previously implemented blocks. Along with this, it has introduced several block support flags and new options to customize your registered blocks. You have control over spacing among columns, and covers. Furthermore, it accesses options to choose text background and link color too.

Recommended patterns for blocks

The pattern transformation tool helps to recommend block patterns based on the blocks you are using. Without leaving the editor you can now have guidance and suggestions to style your site.


It is introducing the global style and settings APIs. Theme .json file is used to configure block settings. Theme author now can set layout and content width globally in Json file. It is the best and most useful for developers to explore their own projects and plugins.

Improved list view

The list view gives you an overview of all Gutenberg blocks in your content or page. It makes it easier to navigate quickly to the precise blocks you need. Further, you can jump between nested blocks and layers of content.

Dropping support for IE11

It is now dropping support for Internet Explorer 11. You are strongly recommended to use a modern browser.

We are very happy to share the updates of WordPress’s Latest Version 5.8 ‘Tatum ‘ with you. We are hopeful that you will enjoy and explore the features to the fullest. To learn and know about the previous version updates you can check the page WordPress Marvelous Journey from its beginning to the recent days. Thank you!

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