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WordPress version 6.0 with exciting features and improvements.

Do you know about the recent release of WordPress? Let’s welcome the latest version 6.0 “Arturo”. It was launched on 24 May 2022 which is the second major release of 2022. It is named after Grammy-winning jazz musician, Arturo O’Farrill

It has arrived with so many enhancements and improvements. style switching, template choice, integrated patterns, and a better list view are some of the features in version 6.0. You can amazingly unlock your creative aspirations and make your site-building experience more intuitive with this version. Explore and take full advantage of it.

Let’s have a look at its features and enhancements.

Improvement in writing Section in version 6.0

Your experience in writing is going to be hilarious and the workflow smooth and jolly with version 5.9. You can easily copy and paste by selecting text across multiple blocks. A list of recent pages and posts can be opened with just a simple click: type two open brackets. Moreover, existing styles remain the same while transferring some blocks from one type to another. Also, it has updated settings and controls for lovely tag clouds and social icons.

Style Variations /Global Styles Switcher

The global style switcher is one of the best features for the WordPress community. With this, You can switch your entire theme style with a single click. You can get multiple style variations where you can change both the available settings like font-weight and style options. For this, you have to open the global style panel and then hover the cursor on the browser style tab so that you can switch to various styles available there in no time.

More Template options for block themes

WordPress version 6.0 has added five new templates for block themes. Author, Category, Tag, Date, and Taxonomy are the newly added templates. It makes your site editing experience more efficient, effective, and attractive. You can tailor each tool with ease.

Furthermore, the quick inserter with patterns and template parts increase work efficiency while editing a template at a root or between block.

Block Improvements in version 6.0

Featured image for a cover block

It comes with lots of improvements in blocks as well. Here, It accesses you to control the size of a new featured image. Along with this, you can use it as a cover block as well.

Block transformation option

It has brought significant change to the transformation of container blocks into each other. You should open the block settings panel while selecting a group, row, and stack block. After this, you will see the three icons at the top from where you can change the block of your choice.

Furthermore, you can get various options of transformations options like the group to code, paragraph to code, logo to the title, excerpt to content, and more.

Navigation block Improvements

When you link the navigation to a public page, the preview will appear on the toolbar. You can have a Navigation Menus panel on the block editor if you activate the Gutenberg plugin. Once activated, access the Navigation Menus panel by clicking Navigation on the top-right corner of the editor screen.

Gallery Block Spacing

If you would like to make space between images then get ready. It comes with gallery block spacing. To work on it, you have to open a block setting panel. There you will see a block spacing field in the dimensions section. You can now keep spaces between images of the desired pixels.

Column border and layout settings

You need to activate the Gutenberg plugin for this improvement. You can create a stunning column-based layout now. It helps you to change the border’s color, thickness, and radius as well. In addition to this, it allows you to define the content width for individual column blocks. 

Additional blocks for block theme editor in version 6.0

WordPress always energizes us bringing excellent blocks. This time, it has added some new blocks to improve the block theme editor. Let’s have a look.

Comment Query loop

It comes to replace the previous post comment block. With this, you can customize subblocks like author name, edit link, avatar, comment content, comment title, and more.

Read more block

You can now add a read more block making it independent from the post excerpt. It opens up the door to do more with read more links. It allows you to apply different colors, typography, border styles, and more.

No result in Query Loop

This is the new container block where you can show a specific text or block when there is no query result to display.

Improvement for List View

You can now easily work on a complex page structure with many nested blocks. Also, you can select multiple blocks in the list view. It shows a collapsed view for all blocks by default. Besides this, it accesses you to select multiple blocks using Shift+click. It further helps for bulk actions like moving, deleting, or duplicating numerous blocks.

WebFont API

In WordPress version 6.0, you can add new web fonts via the theme.json file and make them appear on the global styles typography panel. You can download the font from the Google Fonts directory. To download it Use the file manager or an FTP client to upload any font of your choice. Open the theme.json file in the theme’s directory then you can add code to the typography section. After that, you can go to the block editor and open the global styles panel. Open the typography section and use the drop-down menu to browse installed fonts.

Final Words

Hence, It is proved that every version of WordPress is always praiseworthy and outstanding. All types of users beginners or experts can take full benefits from it. It will surely help you to create an intuitive design and excellent layout within minutes. You have more control over yourself when working on website design.

Nearly 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes are waiting to be used by you, just go for it. Love your work and have full advantages with all new updates, enhancements, and awesome features. For Further detailed version updates of all time, just read our previous articles: WordPress version 5.8, version 5.9 updates, and the whole history from its origin to today.

Thank you!

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