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WordPress Block Pattern: a Beginner’s Guide

WordPress block patterns are the prominent parts when building a WordPress site. Distinctive and breathtaking block patterns are vital to attracting viewers to your site. Especially nontechnical users can get benefits directly from building complex WordPress websites with minimal time and effort. You can insert any block pattern into your site and make your own. There are tons of benefits to using block patterns.

In this post, we will unveil everything about WordPress block patterns. You will get answers to these questions here in this article. What are WordPress block patterns? How to create block patterns? How to use block patterns in the editor? Why use the WordPress block pattern? WordPress block pattern categories, block plugins, and many more.

Before understanding block patterns you should know about blocks. And if you are still new to WordPress blocks you can check our article on WordPress Bocks; types and uses.

What is a WordPress block pattern?

A WordPress block pattern is a group of blocks that is combined to create a beautiful layout and design. We can call them templates or template parts. Developers, designers, or technical experts design block patterns as per the requirements of WordPress websites. It can be reused again and again by multiple users.

Further, you can reuse the same pattern on multiple pages or posts anywhere. You can also use patterns in different areas of your website, including headers, footers, and sidebars. There are varieties of block patterns available so that you can choose the best that matches your needs. In addition, it also enables users to customize using an infinite number of color options and media.

Likewise, you are allowed to preview block patterns in the pattern explorer and place them using a block inserter. In the pattern explorer, you can search for patterns provided by the theme, plugins, WordPress core, and featured items from the pattern directory.

Why use block patterns – Benefits

Block patterns are like a surprise gift for website builders. Isn’t it? U will love enjoying it when you start using block patterns. It has a lot of advantages we can get from.

Time Efficient

It saves a lot of time and reduces hours of creating block patterns. Mainly it is more useful to those who need the same kinds of patterns again and again while building a website. We can make templates in our free time, and save them for later to repeatedly use on our website. WordPress users can directly access common pre-designed patterns for various purposes from the editor and apply them to their pages or posts.

Designers and Professional experts made patterns

Only the experts can design the layouts organizing blocks in attractive ways. You can use their skills and make your website alluring and outstanding. There are hundreds of pre-made patterns you can use and organize without hiring a designer.

Reuse block patterns in different WordPress websites

Creating the same types of block patterns more often is time-consuming. And yeah for many sites, the layout on the footer, header, sidebar, and blog pages is fairly uniform. So users can reuse those patterns repeatedly instead of recreating them.

Flexibility and Customizability

Definitely, it offers more flexibility and is easier to maintain than code created for the customizer. You can even customize every single part of block patterns or edit everything with your own visionary words and items. The block editor provides options for single edits. You can change text inputs, uploads videos, and typography with global color options. There is nothing that can’t be changed. Block patterns are rich in customizability and flexibility.

How to use WordPress block patterns?

You can use block patterns with 2 methods. One is using a plugin and the next option is via the pattern library.

The WordPress Block Patterns Library

This is one of the easiest, simplest, and default ways of inserting block patterns into a page and posts. You will get a huge number of block patterns now in a block patterns library created by designers, developers, and other WordPress users. Block patterns cover everything from buttons, columns, galleries, headers, footers, features, and more. About, call to action, contact, media, team, testimonials, services, portfolio, and many other block patterns have been added too with version WordPress 6.2.

Browse through the available block patterns and select one that you like. You can also search for specific patterns using the search bar.

Once you have selected a block pattern, you can customize it to fit your needs. You can change the colors, fonts, images, and text to match your branding and content. Once you are happy with the block pattern, click on the “Save Pattern” button to save it. You can now use the block pattern in any post or page by selecting it from the block patterns library and adding it to your content.

Going with a plugin options

To insert extra and additional outstanding and unique block patterns you should install a plugin. There will be beautiful numbers of patterns apart from WordPress default available plugins. Let’s have a look at how we can insert patterns from third-party block plugins in our posts and pages. Let’s take an example of the Rise block plugin here.

Rise Blocks is a lightweight Gutenberg WordPress block plugin. It has almost all the blocks necessary to build awesome and beautiful designs. Since it’s minimal, it helps to increase the speed of the website. Here’s how you can insert a template and template parts instantly by importing the templates or blocks right from the page.

  • After installing the plugin you will be able to use the blocks and template available in the library.
  • When you create a new page, instead of selecting blocks, click on the “Get Rise Blocks Templates” button available on the right side under Document.
importing Rise Blocks Template
  • Rise Blocks Library will pop out. You can then select from the available templates to insert the design on the page.
  • Alternatively, you can import components only as per your needs. Click on the components available on the top right of the Rise Blocks Library. Select your desired component and then click the insert button.
Rise Blocks Library
Readymade Components Library

After you finish importing the template, change the content and hit the publish button to make it live.

How to create block patterns without code?

Well, if you are willing to create your own custom block patterns we will help you out here. Creating block patterns on self can be more fruitful than using pre-made patterns built by others. It can help you follow the norms, values, style, and planned layout of your company’s needs. We have two simple and more effortless ways to create block patterns without codes.

Create from WordPress pattern directory website

To create your own custom block patterns you have to click on “create a new pattern” from a WordPress repository. Click on “Create a new pattern“. Then it will ask you to click on log in to create your pattern. To create patterns you should have a account. If you already have a .org account you can then fill in your username and password to create a pattern. Once signed in, you’ll reach the block pattern editor page. Add a title, choose blocks, and organize properly to make an attractive pattern. There are also royalty-free images available to use in your media blocks. The WordPress media library will allow you to easily find and use these images in your patterns. Click on Submit.

You can manage all your block patterns by clicking on the My Patterns link. It will show all block patterns you have shared, draft patterns, and patterns you have selected as favorites.

Create from WordPress dashboard/ Gutenberg

 The WordPress Editor comes with several core block patterns. But if you want to create your own, you’ll need basic knowledge of WordPress Site Editing (Full Site Editing) and block themes. Custom block patterns can help you reapply a custom section or block in different themes when creating a WordPress website.

 From the WordPress admin panel/dashboard “click on pages or posts“, and click on “Add New”. To add blocks to create a pattern simply click on Add block(+) that is within a content interface. Or You can select a pattern from the toggle block inserter which is at the top left of the page and appear as plus (+) icon. You can insert any type of block like Header’, ‘Paragraph’ and ‘Gallery’ blocks to create simple patterns. Select and organize different types of blocks to create templates or patterns and save. It is simple and easy. You can copy and paste anytime anywhere on the website in need.

To Conclude

Block patterns provide an easy, time-saving way to add content to your website. You can create a beautiful layout on your own plan using your head. Nevertheless, you already have professionally made awesome and outstanding templates and template parts that can be inserted with a single click. You can use the WordPress patterns directory and use plugins for the patterns library or insert easily from the default WordPress block editor. Nowadays with the introduction of full site editing in WordPress experts have made mindblowing themes by just organizing blocks into patterns.

Have you ever used block patterns to create your website? If you haven’t used it yet, we highly recommend using block patterns for your effortless amazing website-building journey.

We hope you learned a lot about block patterns; what are block patterns, how to use them, how to create them, and why to use them on your site.

Thank You!


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