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How to create block patterns using Rise Blocks Plugin?

Rise Blocks is a lightweight Gutenberg WordPress block. It has almost all the blocks necessary to build awesome and beautiful designs. Since it’s minimal, it helps to increase the speed of the website. The main reason behind developing this plugin is to deliver awesome layouts through lightweight blocks.

The rise blocks plugin is enriched with unique, awesome, professional, and attractive blocks. Choosing blocks and templates from its library is an effortless and hassle-free process. One can easily create a website by just inserting the rise blocks templates into their own website.

Here’s how you can create or use block patterns instantly by importing them from their library.

  • Firstly install and activate the rise block plugins. (After installing the plugin you will be able to use the blocks and template available in the library).
  • First, choose the preferred location; pages, or posts. Click any one of them.
  • If you want to create a pattern by yourself click on the toggle block inserter which is at the top left. You will get blocks like page slider, call to action, advanced heading, counter, and many more.
  • When you create a new page using patterns, instead of selecting blocks, click on the “Get Rise Blocks Templates” button available on the right side under Document.
importing Rise Blocks Template
  • Rise Blocks Library will pop out. You can then select from the available templates to insert the design on the page.
  • Alternatively, you can import components only as per your needs. Click on the components available on the top right of the Rise Blocks Library. Select your desired component and then click the insert button.
Rise Blocks Library

After you finish importing the template, change the content and hit the publish button to make it live.

Isn’t it simple and easy? If you are still unclear about using the patterns do watch the video on how you can insert templates or components into your website to experience a smooth and easy but outstanding website creation.

Watch beautiful Live Readymade Demos to learn what you can do with these blocks.

In conclusion

The rise blocks plugin has been a boon in recent times. Do you know why? WordPress has introduced Full site editing or site editor in WordPress that works basically on blocks, patterns, or template parts. It is also a plugin that has arrived to help Gutenberg block editor and Full site editing. You can take advantage of using Rise blocks and its template to make your website a complete and elegant one. On the other hand, this plugin has a premium version as well. You can purchase it at a minimum price that offers beautiful demos and starter sites as well along with amazing useful template parts and components.

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