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How to create a dropdown Menu on a site?

What exactly is a dropdown menu? how does it work? why do we use it? Beginners or learners or site owners who want to build their site on their own might have arisen such questions in their minds. These questions seem simple but strike /hit our minds if we are unfamiliar with them.


A Dropdown Menu is a vertical list of links that add multiple links to the main navigation menu without overcrowding it. It appears when a user hovers a cursor over the navigation menu. Basically, these menusĀ are great for sites that have multiple levels of content hierarchy. It makes a site attractive, managed and well-designed.

Why Dropdown Menu?

It is impossible to show all the links and pages on a menu bar. That is why dropdown menu got introduced to make our site organized. The main purpose of creating such menu is to organize numerous stuff in a managed way. Visitors can go directly to their desired pages in no time. It also reduces the number of clicks and page loads by making all the information accessible from the main menu area.

How to add a dropdown Menu and a Multi-Level Dropdown Menu?

In order to create, you should switch to Appearance >Menus. It can be done simply with a simple trick.

  • Firstly be sure about the placement of dropdown menus. At the left of the Menus screen, you can see Add to Menus.
  • Secondly, you need to choose the items you want to select for the dropdown. Then click on Add to Menu.
  • Now, you have to drag the individual selected items to the little right to nest them under the preferred navigation menu.
  • You can also add a sub-item below another sub-item to create Multi-Level dropdown menus.
  • The method is similar to in dropdown menu. Mainly you just need to drag a little right than a dropdown. That’s all.
  • At Last, Press on Save Menu. Finally, you can now see the dropdown and multi-level dropdown menus on your site.

In a Nutshell, Creating a dropdown menu is yet simple, beautiful, and very effective for users with diverse content and elements. No doubt you want your visitors to have a look at every link and page you have created for them. And yes, definitely dropdown allows viewers to reach everywhere they want from one single home page menu.

I hope with the help of this article you can now create dropdown (sub-items ) menus for your WordPress site. Before adding this menu we should create a navigation menu right ?? You can go to this page to have look at how to create navigation menus. Stick with us.

Thank you!

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