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Shopify Review(2023)

Are you an entrepreneur/ a business person/an industrialist with no tech skills or coding knowledge? Techno Experts are one step ahead of you and have paved the path for dealers, traders, merchants, and sellers like you. Yes, Shopify is for you. Have you ever imagined software like Shopify will get introduced to uplift your business online? Know everything about Shopify and use it to sell your product online and offline.

In simple terms, Shopify is the E-commerce software that allows your online store to operate. The Shopify platform was crafted for reliability and scale, using enterprise-level technology that is made available to businesses of all sizes. The best thing about Shopify is it has every essential tool you need to get started, along with an ecosystem of upgraded tools and platforms you can use as your business grows. Do you know, this currently powers over 800,000 businesses in approximately 150 countries? It is trusted by popular brands such as Red Bull, LA Lakers, the New York Stock Exchange, Tesla Motors, Budweiser, GoldieBlox, and many more. Let’s move into details…

What is Shopify?

 Shopify is a fully-hosted, cloud-based E-commerce platform suitable for all sizes of businesses. It is built to deliver the best services for small to large industrial companies and to develop advanced trading systems globally. This software is a clean, simple, easily customizable, reliable, and scalable business model. It connects all your online systems in the backend, promotes your website, sells products, and fulfills orders. It has hundreds of built-in features, and tons of apps to support and build your own scalable online store.

With it, you can sell almost all types of physical products, digital products, and dropshipping products. But you can’t sell anything prohibited by the eCommerce platform, which includes: Alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes, fireworks, drugs, firearms, weapons, and video game currency or credits. Shopify has stood as number one with its distinctive functions and features. You can sell your products both online and in person. It provides flexibility to sell to anyone from anywhere or on any device. Further, you can also connect Shopify to sales channels like Amazon Marketplace, Etsy, Walmart Marketplace, eBay, and Google Shopping to create an omnichannel selling strategy.

Yes, It is integrated with social media so users can sell via social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, what’s App, Pinternet, TikTok, etc. Likewise, it takes care of everything such as pop-up shops, managing products, inventory, marketing, payments to secure transactions, and shipping.

Most importantly, it is self-hosted software so users can feel secure and stress-free about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers. Interested users even can purchase a domain name and website hosting with Shopify leveraging full controls and configuration to customize easily.

How does it work?

Firstly go to the Shopify page from your web browser. On its interface, you will see the different types of plans it offers. Decide on the plan you are going to use for your store. Each plan has its own distinctive features and functionalities. Or you can set up your store free for 3 days with no credit card required. If you love it during the trial period, you can choose a plan later as well.

First of all, you should carefully set the Store settings filling in the required information. You should set up the account wizard, and select payment gateways, shipping, and taxes. Similarly, add products, create marketing campaigns, change your storefront design, and add necessary apps. You can use the Shopify templates that are all customized with text, images, videos, and logos to complement your brand.

Once you set up all the essentials you can deliver service to the customers with your chosen marketplace and payment gateways. Most importantly it has an array of marketing and sales tools to promote products, including SEO, email marketing, and blogging tools. With the help of such apps and tools, you can introduce your website and product to customers worldwide.

Shopify Pricing

First of all, let me inform you it is not available for free. But it provides 14 days of free trials to test and know about it. No doubt its price plans are very reasonable, with scalable choices, and essential features included even on the lowest core plan.The more advance you choose a plan the more customers you can get, converting more checkouts and scaling fast. Besides this, it offers a 25% discount on yearly plans as well. The below-given price is the discounted price Shopify offering these days.

Pricing Summary

  • Shopify Starter: $1 per month – lets you add e-commerce to social media platforms, messaging channels, or an existing website.
  • Basic Shopify: $19 per month – cheapest plan to build your own store; provides all the essentials for a new online store. Basic reports and 2 staff accounts.
  • Shopify: $49 per month – for growing businesses; includes features such as gift card creation. Professions reports and 5 staff accounts.
  • Advanced Shopify: $299 per month – for big businesses wanting to scale up; includes advanced reports and third-party calculated shipping rates. Custom Report Builder and 15 staff accounts.
  • Shopify Plus: –Starting at $2,000 –  for large-scale, enterprise-level businesses with huge budgets.

Shopify plans( Basic, Shopify, and Advanced) offer unlimited products, abandoned cart recovery, discount code creation, and multichannel integration. Whereas Shopify starter accesses to sell through social media platforms and messaging channels, such as email or WhatsApp. In addition, Shopify Plus allows users to deliver a custom-made package for brands who gather in the big bucks and need the highest level of professional support.

Features of Shopify

It comes with various breathtaking features helping to build professional and elegant e-commerce websites. In another word, its features help transfer an idea, a dream, or a vision into a real commerce experience online, offline, and everywhere in between. Let’s look at its features;

  • Powerful analytical tools
  • Multi-channel Integration
  • Shopify Dropshipping to say no to upfront investment
  • Shopify POS (point of sale) for inventory tracking, staff management
  • Review and act on abandoned checkouts
  • SEO tools/apps; Smart SEO, Booster Image, and SEO Optimizer
  • Sufficient marketing tools like Gift Cards, Discount Codes, Promotions
  • Email Marketing


Being one of the popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify has multiple aspects to offer. Let’s have a look at some notable advantages;

  • 70+ professional & beautiful themes 
  • Free SSL certificate for secure data, page content, and transaction details
  • Integrated with 70 + payment gateways
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Shopify App store.Over 1,200 apps in its app store(free and paid)
  • Multilingual options(more than 50 languages)
  • Personalization Options
  • Better security
  • Fast loading speed
  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Extensive documentation, tutorials, user guide, help center, ebook, and webinars in Shopify Compass, etc

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly Shopify is a powerful platform that you can rely upon. It has all the needy features and functionalities that hold the boosting or uplifting capacity to run trading and merchandise. Shopify has a clean, clear, and simple interface that makes setting up your store a breeze. It has everything you need to create an e-commerce store, ship products, build dropshipping business, and process payments.

Or If, you have already chosen another eCommerce platform and want to switch to Shopify that also has solutions. You just have to use the Store Importer app to import your products, customers, and order data to Shopify. If you are in search of Shopify alternatives Wix, Squarespace BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce, and PrestaShop are there for you. Research all the e-commerce platforms and choose the best for your own individual business goals and needs.

In the end, all I want to say is choosing Shopify will not let you down.

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