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Vision FSE; a block-based theme!

First of all, hats off and hearty gratitude to WordPress for introducing FSE and bringing extreme flexibility to build a website. Everyone who desires to create a site can easily build a site with the help of block-based FSE themes now. Eagle Vision IT introduces Vision FSE; a perfect and outstanding block-based theme to help users to the utmost. Vision FSE is a well-designed, excellent, and perfect solution for businesses, corporate, education, consultant, blogs, small business, startups, agencies, firms, and many more.

Though Full site editing is a new concept but is easily understandable, flexible, efficient, and time-lessening. The one who is very unfamiliar with WordPress can also edit and customize the features of Vision FSE with little understanding. Everything you get in blocks here. You can create a stunning site with just blocks and template parts. In simple terms, we call this theme a perfection of combined blocks starting from header to footer/ top to button. Every awesome design is in blocks. Just click on the area you want to edit, change your preferred text, color, and design, and publish it. Isn’t it simple and easy?

Overall, It is a block-based theme and the theme is built in accordance with Full Site Editing features.

Why Vision FSE for your website?

Whether you are an expert or a new user, anyone wants a fast flexible, perfect plus exceptional theme for their sites. None other than Vision FSE can beat others in all aspects. Have a glace why Vision FSE can be a perfect choice.

Compatible with Gutenberg Editor

It is compatible with the popular block editor Gutenberg. With it, you can create content using pre-defined blocks or custom blocks. It provides a library of pre-built elements or blocks. You can get more flexibility and control over the way content appears on a page. You can get a clean and comfortable writing environment, with striking typography and plenty of space for the content to rise. Gutenberg functions like a page builder. It will surprise you with the awesome available number of blocks, ranging from a paragraph to tables, images, video embeds, and many more.

Support the latest PHP version

It is built modern with the latest PHP version. What is PHP? PHP (an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular open-source scripting language used by coders worldwide for web and application development. Vision FSE provides the best user experience with new features, functions, and methods to facilitate the users.

Integrated With Rise Blocks Plugin

Isn’t it magical to get a bundle of significant blocks within a single plugin? Yes, Vision FSE has sufficient things to offer you. The rise blocks plugin has numerous, essential and awesome layout blocks to add additional charm to a site. Page slider, Image slider, News block, Accordion, Navigation, and more blocks are available in Vision FSE. The blocks are lightweight which will help to create awesome websites free from unwanted codes.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO Friendly )

No Doubt, Vision FSE is a search engine-optimized theme. This theme will assist you with online marketing, boost brand awareness, increase high-quality traffic, and revenue online. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more a website will gain attention and attract potential and existing customers to your business and services. The SEO-friendly theme, Vision FSE helps in upgrading a website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services.

Fully Responsive and lightweight theme

This theme is fully responsive which means it works well with all screen resolutions such as mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. It helps in building web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. On the other hand, your WordPress theme is your site’s foundation, which means it plays a big role in how quickly your site loads. Vision FSE takes care of it and comes in lightweight so your site loads faster.

FSE Optimized

Vision FSE is a complete block-based Full site editing theme. In Vision FSE you can get all the features of full site editing. You can modify templates, set global styles, edit navigation menus, and more. Moreover, it operates a system of customizable and movable blocks. FSE-optimized Vision FSE provides more efficiency–ultimately lessening the time needed to build websites from scratch.

Awesome Layouts and patterns

Vision FSE comes with awesome layouts and patterns. Attractive layouts designed by expert teams are waiting to be chosen. Create your own design with premade templates and template parts. You can use your own creativity to arrange blocks and patterns as you desire. You can get layouts for every part of your site. Footer layouts, header layouts, banner patterns, gallery patterns, and many more.

Beginners Friendly and Easy Customization

Are you a new user? Want to make a website yourself? No worries, Vision FSE is beginners friendly theme where a new user also can set up and customize every part with ease. It is an easily customizable, simple and flexible theme. No Complexity but build with perfection and excellence.

Custom Page Layout and widgets

Custom templates are best used for pages that don’t follow the normal template. It is designed and developed by the respective theme team intelligence. Vision FSE comes with astonishing and unique custom page templates and widgets. It uses fine art and graphics for a superior, eye-catching design that engages the user. Especially, Vision FSE’s Custom page layouts and widgets accurately reflect the philosophy and nature of your business. 

Global Styles including Color and Font customization

Vision FSE enables users to change their theme’s colors, typography, and structure. Moreover, you can fully customize font size, line height, link color, heading size, and default color with global style. Take full advantage of global styles to modify a theme’s style or further enable/disable settings and features.

Woocommerce support

Yes, Vision FSE supports Wocommerce so that user can transfer their simple site into an online business website. You can get Shopping Cart, Check Out options, and product-adding functionality to run an e-commerce business site. It allows you to sell digital and physical products, take secure payments, manage inventory, and sort all your taxes automatically.

One-click demo Import

This theme is RT Easy builder plugin compatible. That means you can easily n wisely import templates, demos, components, and template parts without hassle. Different amazing pre-made website layouts with different niches are also available so that you can import them as you want to design your website to be.

Incredible quick team support

This theme provides top-notch tech support to all customers. You will get team support 24/7 in case of need. Feel free to ask any queries.

WordPress Standard codes

To satisfy the users and fulfill the needs of recent times and technology Vision FSE uses WordPress standard codes. You will be able to understand a section of code and modify it and reducing coding errors.

Premium Extension

This theme is available in the premium version adding extraordinary additional features to elevate a site to the next level. If you want extra features and functionalities to make your site more appealing and professional purchase a premium extension.

Learn to install and Activate Vision FSE

Reading all the features and functionality of Vision FSE, the user definitely wishes to download and install it. We will assist you to download, install and activate the theme.

  • Select Add New.
  • Then, search for  Vision FSE. Click Install Now.
After you click install, you will be asked to click on activation.
  • Then, click Activate button.
  • Now, the theme will be activated.

In sum

Vision FSE is a complete and powerful full-site editing theme that easily adapts to all brands and styles. It lets you create an eye-catching website that reflects professionalism and elegance. Once you try our theme Vision FSE, there’s no turning back – this block-based theme is so damn good and breathtaking. Moreover, it is cross-browser compatible which ensures your website works seamlessly and consistently on every browser you use. In addition With RTL and WPML support on Vision FSE, you can reach across language barriers.

Ultimately, Vision FSE is the best among all with distinctive and crucial features, so enjoy developing your site quickly and flexibly. This theme assures you to make your website perfect as you have desired and imagined. We are eagerly waiting to be a part of your dream project.

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