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What is guest blogging? Why is it important?

Are you a creative fellow? Love to research, write, and acknowledge users delivering insightful content? Your interest in writing identifies you as a blogger. Guest blogging is one of the effective ways to brand yourself with your deeper knowledge, perceptions, and understanding. Do you know blogging on other companies’ websites is also possible? Yes, as a guest blogger, you can write content to market their products, and that helps upgrade your writing skills as well.

For both company owners and bloggers guest blogging is beneficiary. Website owners also take advantage of boosting websites and increasing SEO traffic with the help of informative articles. If you are just a beginner and want to start a career in guest blogging this article will help you a lot to learn the basic foundations, importance, introduction, and tips to become a successful guest blogger.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is also called guest posting. Generally, guest blogging is writing content for other websites for marketing purposes. It helps both parties equally to uplift their business and personal branding of an author. Some companies might offer a particular amount for the blogger effort. However, that is not the case for all companies. On the other hand, some website allows bloggers to link back to bloggers personal websites and social media accounts too. 

Why is guest blogging important?

You can count guest blogging as an important part of your business to grow. Guest posts on your website about your business let your customers know about your brand, products, and the benefits of using your products as well. That means it works as a marketing to grow sales, increase website traffic, and for better user experiences.

  • Guest blogging works as Content Marketing. A company can market products and services via content.
  • It builds relationships between authors and company owners which leads to more opportunities.
  • Guest bloggers can add personal backlinks or previous article links along with social profiles.
  • Continuous writing and research improve a blogger’s writing skills making him/her a successful blogger.
  • Visitors can be aware of products and services and guest blogs might help and increase the chances of potential customers turning into your regular customers.
  • Guest blogging can grow audiences, followers, and subscribers with quality useful, and impressive content.

How to become a successful guest blogger?

Being successful is not easy. You should find out some effective strategies to sell your intelligence in this competitive market. Becoming a successful guest blogger actually requires thoughtful preparation and execution. Follow the following steps to make your guest blogging career successful.

1. Define goals

Define what you want to achieve with blogging. Determine goals and set strategies of how, where, and what to write about. Focus on providing thoughtful, well-researched, original, and useful content. When you have a clear goal you can easily select the particular topic to write about. Make sure the style of writing is captivating and the information is well-written and clearly presented.

2. Find reputed guest blogging sites

Guest blogging is all about writing articles on other websites. It means you have to search for highly reputed websites to write guest posts with the purpose of driving high traffic to your blogs and guest blogging sites. But how to search those websites or guest blogging sites is the subject of concern. Yes, there are various ways to search for guest blogging sites. Use search strings on Google including topic keyword phrases with relevant keywords like guest post, writing for us, guest post guidelines, becoming a contributor, etc. Further, you also can check the competitor’s backlinks to learn about the sites by searching guest blogs.

3. Form a connection with site owners

After you reach the sites where guest blogs are accepted, form a connection with the site owners. Keep following them, read their posts, comment on the posts, and subscribe to them so that they can notice your presence. Build a trustworthy relationship with them to start working on their sites.

4. Do your research

Before you begin to write do research properly. Pay attention to the style and tone of the articles and take note of the kind of topics they write about. Read the guest post guidelines and take note of the most important information such as the editor’s or blog owner’s name, contact information, and submission guidelines.

5. Prepare pitch ideas

To prepare pitch ideas you should know the products or services and target audience inside and out so that you’ll have confidence when delivering the idea. Include plenty of information on why there is a clear need for the product or service and show that you’ve done market research. Lastly, practice your pitch for others who can give you honest feedback. Constructive feedback can help you improve upon your idea and how you present it to others.

How well you execute the pitch will actually determine whether you will get a chance to submit a guest post. You can tell them why you think their readers would benefit from the posts. Don’t forget to share links to your previous work so the owner of the blog has a chance to check out your writing style and see if it fits with the style of their blog.

5. Write a great post 

Once your ideas get accepted, it’s time to think of an engaging headline and write high-quality, original, and SEO-optimized content writing. First, pick the topic that you feel passionate about and as per your expertise. Generally, you should aim to write at least 1000 words and make the text easy to read using subheadings, bulleted lists, bolding, and italicizing. Moreover, you can link internal and external guest posts, link to your own content, use original images and graphs, and optimize for on-page SEO.

6. Work that bio

After you complete writing guest post do not forget to include your short description. The bio is the payoff of the hard work you have done while creating a blog. Let them know about the author(you) and add links to reach the author. You can include every detail; full name, short bio, link to your social accounts, a headshot, and your website so that readers can connect with you directly.

7. Promote your post

After your guest blog is accepted and published, use strategies to bring that post to wider audiences. You can share it on your social media. Send an email newsletter or encourage your subscribers and followers to visit, comment, and share.

Indeed, promoting posts is one of the key parts of guest blogging that helps grow readers to your site and blog. The more posts you write, the more online presence you’ll have, and the more people think of you as an authority. That leads to more invitations to write and participate in events, more traffic to your site, and more leads and sales.

How to start guest posting?

It is not possible to get easily accepted by the editor of branded and reputed websites. So with careful consideration and preparation, you have to step ahead.

First of all, start your guest posting by understanding your goals. What do you want to achieve from guest blogging? Want to earn money from it or use it to improve your own organization’s reach? Knowing your goals can help you plan.

Secondly, Identify or seek opportunities and companies that accept guest postings and are a good fit for you. To get a spot on their site you need to send engaging pitches that show your worth. If you have an existing portfolio of writing, you can approach organizations/sites and send them examples of your work.

Create demo content that engages the readers by entertaining or educating them. Once it is accepted by a company you can write an article with quality and original content. Your content strategy should focus on marketing their products and services. Do not forget to include the contributor’s /author’s bio. Lastly hit send and deliver your guest blog to the editor.

Keep writing and promoting your guest posts if you want to continue your career in guest blogging.


Indeed guest blogging is one of the cheapest but effective methods of online marketing. In other words, we can define it as content marketing as it is a process of marketing via content but with guest bloggers. It offers endless opportunities to market products or can be used for marketing campaigns. In addition, bloggers can get exposure in front of their wider audience, raising brand awareness to potential prospects who may be unfamiliar with your brand.

Lastly, content marketing with the help of guest posts is one of the trusted and effective ways to deliver insightful learning and also a source of information. Isn’t it? With this companies can do digital marketing driving traffic, increasing the brand credibility and awareness and sales at a time. Contrary, guest bloggers want exposure to wider audiences, build a relationship with multiple companies improve their writing skills, and become skillful and successful bloggers.

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