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Woo Booster: Block Theme Documentation

A short Introduction to the theme

Woo Booster, is a powerful full-site editing block theme so any new users with very little technical knowledge can customize and create a site easily. The theme is enhanced with the WC Booster plugin and is centered around the WooCommerce and WordPress plugin ecosystem. It offers unparalleled versatility, making it ideal for various online store niches including fashion, electronics, medical supplies, furniture, sports equipment, home décor, jewelry, and more. 

Similarly, Woo Booster seamlessly integrates with powerful page builders like Gutenberg, Rise Blocks, RT Easy Builder, and Elementor. Its sleek, minimalist design provides an exceptional platform for crafting modern and highly adaptable websites, harnessing the latest WordPress advancements. You can easily customize and edit each template’s parts, pattern, and block. Using blocks and patterns, you can quickly build a beautiful website without a page builder.

Theme Instruction/Documentation

Woo Booster is a block theme that uses Site Editor to make changes to your website. You can access the site editor in the Appearance → Editor section in the Dashboard. Here, you can create and edit templates, create menus, change the site style, color palette, typography, block styles, and more.

How do you edit or add a navigation menu in the Woo Booster block theme?

What is the navigation menu? A navigation menu is an organized list of links, that helps to move into the internal pages of a site. It usually appears at the top of your website. You can add the most crucial pages, WordPress blog posts, custom links( social profiles), and categories to the menu of your choice.

To add navigation menus or edit menus according to your site you have to click on ‘Editor’ that is below ‘Themes’. Or click on ‘Customize’.

Click on Navigation then a menu you want to edit. Or you can click on edit at the side of the navigation with 3 dots. You can easily add a new menu by clicking on the (+) icon.

On the other hand, you can edit the navigation menu from template parts as well. To set up your links in the menu, click on the Edit Site, and in the “Template Parts” section, click on “Header”. The header is a template part, meaning you can also edit it directly when editing another page, and the changes made to it will be synchronized everywhere on your website.

You can manage the menu using the Navigation block. Once the Navigation block is added to your header, you’ll have two options:

  • Select a pre-existing menu. Click on the button, then select the desired menu.
  • Start empty and add links to the menu manually.

When the menu is ready, you can reposition it using left and right arrows.

When you’re done, click Save, then Save again, ensuring the checkbox for the Header template part is checked. To create submenus (dropdowns), click on an item from the menu and click on then on the Add Submenu icon.

How to customize colors and fonts on a block theme?

The Styles settings allow you to customize your theme’s colors and fonts to fit your branding. If your theme includes additional style variations, you will see a “Browse styles” option in the Styles panel.

From the style panel, you can change the color of headings, paragraphs, buttons, backgrounds, links, and much more. Likewise, inside typography, you can change the font of text, links, captions, buttons, and much more. Furthermore, you can change the layout and keep spacing between blocks available here.

If you prefer your whole website in a dark mode you can change it by clicking on dark mode. The theme is in light mode by default.

How do you upload a logo image in the Woo Booster theme?

Since everything is editable using the block editor in block themes, there is a block for adding your logo. To add your Logo image to the header, you will need to use the Site Logo block: Go to the Site Editor > Templates Parts and select the Header template. Now you have two options: you can either transform the existing Site Title block into a Site Logo or you can manually delete the Site Title and add the Site Logo block.

After you click on the site logo you can upload your company or organization’s site logo there. The Site Logo block includes multiple options to help you control your logo in the header. When selecting it, you can find these options in the toolbar above the block or in the Block Settings in the right sidebar. You can easily crop the image, apply a filter, add margin or padding, and more.

How do you design pages on a Block theme?

Block theme allows you to design the whole part of a website from header to footer. You can create a page on your own and add blocks and patterns. Instead, you can import the whole site demo from the Rise demo importer where you can get the best starter template designed by professionals of various niches. To import from Rise demo Importer, from Apperance>Rise Demo Importer> Import to import starter sites. Then you can customize and make it as you desire. Rise Demo Importer is a one-click demo importer that saves your development time and makes your site ready in minutes.

If you want to check the block pattern created by this theme Woo Booster, you will notice these patterns including the entire page design from the Pages category. If you want to quickly create the layout of a page such as a homepage, about, or services, just create a new page and choose the needed layout in the Pages section. or you can choose patterns from

You can also delete the section with the header and leave a different page template if you prefer to control the Header and Footer globally from the Site Editor. To Design pages or create pages yo go from Apperance> Editor> Pages. Then choose the page you want to design. If you are going to create go to (+) and create a draft page adding a title name.

On the other hand, creating the page and designing it by ourselves is also the best thing. Full-site editing has brought numerous useful blocks offering opportunities and creating possibilities for designing an awesome and professional look for a site. With all the available blocks you can create a whole page and design it as you desire. Click on the toggle block inserter to get these blocks and drag and drop them at your desired area. That’s all easy and simple. Visit this page if you want to know about creating a page in detail: How to create a page in WordPress?

How to customize the footer in the Woo Booster Theme?

Block theme is so advantageous. You can edit or delete every part of a website as it is fully made with blocks. To edit the Footer of the website you should click Patterns> Template Parts> Footer.

You can edit headings, and paragraphs, and change the font, and color as well. You can design texts or add links to the text too. Likewise, If your website doesn’t need all the footer widgets you are allowed to delete or even add widgets of your choice to the footer section.

How do you edit and add the new page template to the block theme?

Templates are designed for full-page layouts, including site header, content, and footer areas. Templates may vary from theme to theme. As we all know block themes are made of block templates so block templates might be different from theme to theme.

 You can create a custom page template by yourself by opening a new post or page. On the right screen under the template section, you will be able to create a page template of your own. Click on Add Template and create a custom page template. Name your custom template, click Create then you will be directed to the Template Editor. Once you’ve published your custom template, you can see it in the templates section of the site editor.

How to create patterns or new custom template parts in a block theme?

Template parts are structural blocks of content you can reuse in any site section. It helps to organize and add structure to the theme to avoid having to repeat code. For instance, the post meta, footer, header, and comments are the template parts.

Creating Template Parts? Full site editing enables you to create template parts on your own. For this, you have to open the Toggle Navigation from Editor(beta). Click on Patterns. You will see all the patterns created to build Woo Booster. To create new patterns and template parts click on the (+) icon which is on the right side of the patterns. This will open up the Template Parts page with a list of already created template parts.

To create a new pattern click on Add New at the right corner of the screen. You can name the template part and select the area to be displayed; general, footer, and header. At the end click Create.

Select blocks or patterns to build your template part. It is useful for users to keep all blocks in the template part as a group. It makes your work easier and hassle-free because all essential blocks are combined beautifully in templates according to the designated areas of a site.

How to edit pages in the Woo Booster Block theme?

After you install this theme, the website will be shown as shown on the demo. By editing each page you can make your website and edit with your content. To edit the page you should move to Apperance> editor> pages>. Then select the page you want to edit and click on edit. You can add blocks as per your requirement too within pages selecting blocks.

In case you want to create pages on your own you should go to the ‘dashboard’ click on ‘pages’ then click on ‘add new’ to add a new page for your website. Sometimes, a theme might not create a page as your company’s requirement and the theme might have a slightly different design that doesn’t suit your needs. In that case, you need to edit some parts of the pages or create a new page within. You can create a complete page by adding blocks, templates, patterns, and pages. It also allows you to import pre-design starter templates for you.

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