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Rise Blocks: Page Builder Gutenberg Block Plugin

WordPress introduced the Gutenberg editor over the classic editor for a better user experience. When Gutenberg got introduced some thoughtful farsighted professionals came up with the plugins to enhance and assist Gutenberg’s block editor. The Rise Blocks plugin is also one of them and the outcome of intellectual.

By default, we know WordPress offers a range of blocks for adding content to pages in different forms. There are around 100 +blocks currently available in the Gutenberg editor but that is not enough. To speed up workflow, to expand and elevate the website building platform/experience we need plugins. Rise Blocks Plugin is all for you and for the Gutenberg editor.

The Rise blocks plugin is awesome and is enriched with so many awesome blocks that expand the basic Gutenberg editor’s capabilities. Let’s look into the details…

What is the Rise Blocks plugin?

The Rise Blocks plugin is the collection and gallery of outstanding blocks. It is a lightweight, simple, straightforward, minimalist, and easy-to-use plugin. This plugin inherits an outstanding total of 19 blocks that consist of profile cards, accordions, icon boxes, banner images, news blocks, and much more.

A person with zero knowledge of coding can use it as it is a code-free plugin. All of the blocks are useful and best suited for nonprofit organizations, consultancies, businesses, blogs, news, and magazine websites. It further can optimize your website’s performance, and get lightning-fast page loading to make your visitors stay longer. Similarly, it offers you various patterns, templates, template parts, and starter sites.

It includes a collection of different blocks for different purposes. Instead of installing a single plugin for a single purpose, it is better to choose a plugin with a library of varieties of blocks. It reduces the pressure of installing a number of plugins again and again. Indeed, this plugin provides a robust foundation for any website.

Features and advantages

With Rise Blocks, you can create multiple elegant layouts for your website. It offers lots of blocks and features you can use without having to install individual plugins. Let’s explore the features and benefits of using it.

  • Lightweight and minimal
  • Free and open source
  • 100% page speed score
  • Responsive design and SEO friendly
  • Flexible and powerful options
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Pre-designed templates
  • User-friendly and easily customizable
  • Clean and code free
  • One-click demo Import
  • Seamless integration with third-party plugins
  • Powerful custom blocks
  • Incredible customer support


Rise block is a freemium plugin. If you have a low budget you can use its free version and free blocks are also amazing and goes beyond expectation. For additional functionalities and services, the pro version is people’s favorite choice. You can purchase at just $39.99 which is billed annually. That means it is just around $3 per month which is very cheap compared to others. with just $79.99 you can get 3 sites license and for an unlimited license and unlimited accessibility, you have to pay worth $199.99 yearly.

Blocks included in Rise Blocks

There are altogether 19 blocks with different functionality. Choose your preferred blocks to put anywhere on your website to give it an attractive look and the function that your site seeks. The blocks here will definitely fulfill the specific need that you want to display for your viewers. We will here discuss all of the blocks with functions and how you can use them and for what purpose.

1. Blog and News

This block allows you to display blog articles’ experts and metadata on your desired page. The free version lets you display any five blocks only. You can fetch it either a specific category or all posts and then display it according to the publishing date or alphabetical order of the title.

2. Call to action

This block helps to make an attractive call to action section with a customized background image and button. You can further personalize it by customizing the heading with your choice of fonts, and colors. Using this block you can promote deals, encourage viewers to learn more, download, buy, or something like this. In short, it enables viewers to take action.

3. Counter

This block allows displaying the numbers in a most peculiar way than other content. Additionally, you can customize the counter block by tweaking the colors and typography. Moreover, it allows you to display statistics about your services/ company or yourself. For example, display subscribers, ratings, followers, number of employees, and number of products…

4. Advanced Heading

This block enables an attractive heading for the page or section with the label feature to show extra information about the topic. You can also customize it further by tweaking settings available in block options in appearance, typography, and color areas.

5. Section

This block enables you to add a section with a desired layout that allows you to add other blocks within it. Besides, it lets you change the background, and color or even create sections like services, about, portfolio, and more.

6. Page Slider

This block allows you to fetch other pages’ headings and excerpts, and display them in a carousel layout with a link. You can customize the appearance and also tweak colors. It enables users to slideshow different pages in an attractive way.

7. Profile Cards

This block is to share with your energetic team members. You can add their photo, names, descriptions, and social profiles. We should appreciate the contributor’s effort and let people know who is behind the beautiful product and creation. Profile card blocks let you display their pieces of information.

8. Icon Boxes

This block enables you to display information along with Icon and show it either in a grid or in a row. You can showcase your services, products, or other content with an identifiable icon.

9. Advanced Button

Modern and flexible buttons for Gutenberg. You can add buttons and customize the color and style of it. Additionally, you can add icons, texts, and link buttons to other pages.

10. Social Icons

This block enables you to display social icons and set a link to each icon to the relevant social profile with different design options. You can link your social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to communicate with people on their chosen platforms.

11. Accordion/ FAQs

This block allows you to add collapsible content/FAQs on a page or post. Sometimes a number of visitors chat with the same type of curiosity. You can answer the FAQs (frequently asked questions) with the help of this block. It helps for reducing scrolling and categorizing information.

12. News Block #1

This block enables blog articles either all posts or by category to create a grid layout for Magazine or Blogging websites in a few seconds. Best block for news, magazine, blog, and online information-sharing websites.

14. Carousel Post

Carousel Post Block is for creating beautiful Gutenberg post grid blocks, post slider blocks and post carousel blocks quickly. It allows you to pick a set of posts, pages, projects, or testimonials based on category, tags, or author, and display them in a slideshow.

15. Image Slider

Image Slider helps to create responsive and smooth image slideshow in the Gutenberg Editor. It shows images in the slider that has the ability to attract visitors.

16. Site Identity

It is one of the basic entities for a website. Site Identity lets you add your site’s title, site tagline, logo, and favicon. It is necessary to build credibility, improve user experience, boost SEO, and differentiate yourself from competitors by making your brand identified.

17. Navigation

Navigation is an essential element for a website. Every website has navigation. It lets you place a menu of links on any page. You can shift your viewers to other pages of your website from the home page navigation.

18. Image Text Slider

It lets you display text within an image in a slider. This block gives an appealing look which helps to increase website engagement.

19. Testimonial

Testimonials are the reviews and comments of satisfied customers on your web page. It builds trust and brand credibility. It works as marketing to influence and increase visitors to your brand and service.

How to use rise blocks in the Gutenberg block editor?

Here’s how you can create or use blocks. You can even use patterns made by the team and instantly import them from the rise blocks plugin library.

  • Firstly install and activate the rise block plugins. (After installing the plugin you will be able to use the blocks and template available in the library).
  • From the dashboard move to pages or posts. Click any one of them.
  • After that, you will see the Gutenberg block editor interface with a toolbar and sidebar(post, and block).
  • Click on the toggle block inserter at the top left to get a beautiful collection of blocks. Or click on Add blocks(+) plus icon.
  • You will get blocks like page slider, call to action, advanced heading, counter, and many more.
  • Drag and drop on your preferred location inside pages or post and customize the blocks the way you want.
  • Or if you wished to use the readymade patterns made of rise blocks, instead of selecting blocks, click on the “Get Rise Blocks Templates” button available on the right side under Document.
importing Rise Blocks Template
  • Rise Blocks Library will pop out. You can then select from the available templates to insert the design on the page.
  • Alternatively, you can import components only as per your needs. Click on the components available on the top right of the Rise Blocks Library. Select your desired component and then click the insert button.
Rise Blocks Library

After you finish importing the template, change the content and hit the publish button to make it live.

Sum Up!

In some cases, the WordPress block editor has enough blocks to utilize. However, it can not fulfill the needs of business every time. That is why Gutenberg block plugins are created. As we recently discussed, the rise blocks plugin has been created to help Gutenberg default editor to create stunning websites. Organize the WordPress default blocks and rise blocks in an attractive layout to create top-notch and professional websites.

The Rise Block plugin has been the ultimate choice for WordPress users these days. Enjoy using and exploring rise blocks and pre-build starter sites when required. More new blocks are coming soon to help you out. Keep in touch!

Or if you want an expert designer to create your website. We are ready to accompany you. The Rise Blocks team is ready with everything you want. Feel free to contact us.

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