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What is Bitnami WordPress?

Bitnami Software is software that allows the running of WordPress on a computer. Bitnami native installer automates the setup of Bitnami application stack on windows Mac OSx and Linus platform. each installer includes all the software that is necessary to run out of the box. The installation process of Bitnami WordPress is very simple, easily understood, quick, and very short. You can install it in a minimum of 5 minutes. Bitnami WordPress provides a one-click install solution for WordPress.This is simply the best and easy to install WordPress,” Bitmani WordPress”.

Why Should We Use Bitnami WordPress?

Bitnami WordPress is pre-configured and ready to use instantly on any platform. Bitnami WordPress is up to date and highly secure to use. Bitnami WordPress is formated as your requirement and is optimized to run locally as VMs.Bitnami WordPress doesn’t interfere with other systems on your software as well. The benefits you can get by using Bitnami WordPress are that you can work with the files directly and you don’t have to keep uploading, downloading them from your server. They are already there to work with and experiment right on the computer. Bitnami WordPress is totally self-contained.

How to download Bitnami WordPress?

Now, I will share you the process of downloading Bitnami WordPress in your computer. Follow the very easy three steps given below.

First of all click the provide link here to download the software Get Software from here

Go to the downloaded installer for Bitnami WordPress stack and click on Windows or MAC OSx or Linus (choose as according to your computer you are using). It will be downloaded in few minutes.

How to install Bitnami WordPress?

Once you finish downloading Bitnami WordPress on your computer. You have to move into the process of installation. I will provide you the simplest method of installation ( Bitnami WordPress ) on your computer.

1.Open the downloaded file.

2. Select the installation language if prompted .Then click ‘ok’.

3.You will see welcome screen and click’ next’ to proceed.

4.Select WordPress on select components and click ‘ next ‘ proceed.

5. It will ask you to choose the folder of your computer to install Bitnami WordPress stack. Choose and click ‘next ‘ to proceed.

6.Then you will see Create Admin Account. You have to fill in your name, email address, WordPress user’s name, and password. Remember the details you have entered here. They are essential to log in to the WordPress administration panel later. Again click ‘next’ to proceed.

7. It will show the login name that you have entered while creating an admin account. If you want to change, enter a name for your WordPress blog. You can change your blog’s name later as well. The given name is just an example for you.

8. Set up is now ready to begin installing Bitnami WordPress stack on your computer. It takes few minutes for the installation process. After this, you can see the progress update on the screen.

9.Once installation is complete ,you can see success message on screen. Click ‘finish ‘ to complete installation.

10. Click the ‘Access WordPress ‘ link to access your site. Finally there will be the front page of your blog.

How to log in to The Bitnami WordPress localhost?

Go to the Bitnami WordPress that you have recently installed. Click ‘go to application’ .Then click on ‘ access WordPress’. Enter your user name and password and click ‘login’

Now, you have entered into the WordPress Dashboard. Well, you can see varieties of features, customization, add plugins, add themes and create your site as you wish. Along with this, you can design your site, fill in the information, and attracts visitors with a free and premium theme. Your dream project or your dreamt business will be there in front of you with so many potentials to flourish.

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