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Best WooCommerce Extensions/Addons 2023

Do you own an e-commerce platform? Want to upgrade your store with WooCommerce extensions? Is your business customer friendly? Are you fading off of not being able to promote your e-commerce website? Do the WooCommerce feature sufficient to enhance and uplift your site? Yes, the WooCoommerce plugin is the most popular plugin to run an e-commerce business. However, it couldn’t offer what we exactly want. That is why there are many add-ons and plugins created helping to upgrade e-commerce businesses letting owners earn and scale their business worldwide making their brand.

When it comes to WooCommerce extensions, there are hundreds of options you can use to extend its capabilities and give your store a boost. We are committed to giving the best and reducing your searching hours for WooCommerce extensions in the browser.

List of best and free WooCommerce extensions(free+paid)

We need WooCommerce plugins for an elegant and professional e-commerce store site. Everyone wants a successful and first-grade business with high revenue. To fulfill every business person’s wishes we need plugins for enhancement and improvements in the website. Here we have listed the open-source Woocommerce plugins with premium versions available. No doubt, all of them are highly downloaded, popular, and expert-recommended plugins. Let’s look into the details…

1. WC Booster

WC Booster is one of the inseparable WooCommerce addons that offers a more personalized shopping experience for customers. It is built secure, regularly updated, and offers quick and friendly support. Besides, it needs no coding knowledge and has easy setup options, making customization simple for everyone. You can customize the cart and product display, enable quick product previews, and configure additional fields during checkout. WC Booster unlocks the true potential of your online store, making it easier than ever to succeed in the world of eCommerce.

This plugin comes with various pricing plans worth $89.99 for a single site- 299.99 for unlimited sites and for a lifetime. It offers a premium Woo Commerce theme – Multi-store, with the purchase of a WC Booster plugin. Bulk variation, upsells, multistep, and custom quantity input layout are some of the advanced and pro features of WC booster.

2. Product Addons for WooCommerce

Product addons for WooCommerce enable adding custom fields to your WooCommerce product page simpler. It accesses you to control too many product add-ons, cluttering up the space and intimidating customers. You have control over colors, and 22+ product addon field types, from file uploads to text boxes, and radio buttons to checkboxes.

Similarly, this is a powerful builder, and a custom price formulator and helps simplify the style and format of the fields. Its custom price formulas calculate an overall price based on customer inputs, base price, and product quantity. Whereas drag & drop form builder supports text fields, numbers, radio, select, password, and email fields.

It has multiple pricing plans primary starts at $39 and ending at $179. It offers features like conditional logic, time field, check box, radio group, location selector, custom price field, upload field, drag and drop upload, etc

3. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster combines everything you need to fully customize your site’s functionality into a single WooCommerce bundle, with 68 features. It is easy to customize and set up with no technical skills.

It inherits features like PDF invoices and offline packing slips, product input fields, emails, reporting, administrative tools, payment gateways, etc. Adjust buttons and price labels of booster allows for custom price labels, free price labels, and more button labels. The cart and checkout option enables to customize the checkout experience with WooCommerce custom fields, like VAT for EU countries, coupon codes, and checkout fees.

On the other hand with payment gateways, you can set up custom WooCommerce payment gateways based on currency, shipping method, or location. Moreover, this plugin lets you change pricing and currencies with tools for multicurrency, price formats, and wholesale pricing.

Its premium version plan ranges from $11.99- $24.99. It includes 132 more features such as an empty cart, subscription customization, cart abandonment, product variation swatches, a wishlist, and more.

4. Spark for WooCommerce

Spark for Woocommerce is a conversion-focused addon for your online store. It comes with 8 conversion-boosting features to enhance the user’s shopping experience. They are product comparisons, variation swatches, wishlists, tabs manager, advanced product reviews, quick view, custom thank you pages, and multi-announcement bars.

Product comparison empowers your customers to compare various products based on their specifications helping them make informed purchase decisions. Whereas Wishlist enables users to effortlessly save their favorite products, guaranteeing seamless access when they’re ready to make a purchase. Similarly, variation swatches enhance customers’ shopping experience by visually presenting product variations. Multi-Announcement Bars delight your customers with personalized offers using Multi-Announcement Bars.

In fact, it is not available for free and the price starts at $79 yearly offering 1 site license and support. Likewise, business plans are worth $129 and agency plans are worth $259.

5. Flexible Shipping

Flexible shipping is crafted to manage and grow shipping in WooCommerce stores with unlimited shipping methods. In general, it enables users to calculate the shipping costs based on weight or cart total. Its override calculations features offer free shipping at a certain order total and exclude shipping methods at the checkout page based on the rules. Likewise, you can make your shipping section effective with table rate shipping, shipping cost rules, cost based on item counts, total order, weight, and a price and product in the cart quantity.

It has multiple price plans that start at $ 89 -$289 yearly. You can unlock features like product, price, quantity, weight-based shipping, shipping by size, date, and time, support coupons, condition logic, etc.

6. Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) is for a flexible checkout. It is popular, high-rated, translations ready, and has mostly 400,000 active installations. This plugin has a simple user-friendly interface that can prevent the override address field properties and use the values set.

Mainly, it offers you 20 different types of custom checkout fields on your Checkout page and collects more information from the end user. It enables you to edit the default checkout fields and add new custom fields in the three sections; Billing, Shipping, and Additional. You can even edit, hide, or delete the default fields, change labels, rearrange checkout fields, and validate the checkout fields.  

Premium price ranges from $49 for a single site and limits s up to $199 for 25 sites on a yearly basis. It offers you to add 24 types of custom checkout fields and sections to your Checkout page. Pro features include a custom checkout section, custom validations, set repeat rules, and price fields with a set of price types.

7. WooCommerce Payment

Woocommerce Payments is crafted with the purpose of making payment/transaction simple, secure, and customer’s friendly. This is built by WooCommerce, for WooCommerce which is free to install, and easy to set up and manage. It accepts online and in-person payments, track revenue, and handle all payment activity from your store’s dashboard.

It accepts payments in 135+ currencies using WooCommerce Payments. You can even increase conversions with multiple payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Giropay, Sofort, IDeal, P24, etc. On the other hand, it lets you set a custom deposit schedule to get your funds into your bank account.

Without leaving your WooCommerce store you can securely accept major credit and debit cards, and allow customers to pay you directly. Further, it accesses you to see payments, track cash flow into your bank account, handle disputes manage refunds, and stay on top of disputes without the hassle of having to log into a separate payment processor.

8. TI WooCommerce Wishlist

The TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is specially crafted to encourage customers to buy more products than they initially planned with the wishlist multiple options. It is fully customizable, multilingual ready, translation ready, and has more than 50 integrations.

Wishlist offers full control over the appearance and function of Wishlist from buttons and columns to processing and login options and increases your site’s visibility. With this, customers are able to save their favorite products for later which increases the likelihood of return visits and purchases.

Customers are able to select wishlist pages, and wishlist tables for unit price, stock status, bulk action, and product quantity. Moreover, it allows you to share a wishlist on social channels, customize color and style, and add to a wishlist button with different functionality.

You can purchase the TI Woocommerce wishlist at just $79 yearly to make your wishlist section more advanced and functional. Premium offers a powerful suite of features including personalized wishlists, social sharing, customizable emails, and advanced analytics.

9. YITH Woocommerce compare

YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin allows your users to compare some products of your shop. Customers can overview the main features and functionalities of your products helping them choose the best solution for their needs.

When products are displayed side by side, clients can quickly find the product that suits their needs. Each product feature can be set with the WooCommerce attributes in the product configuration. It lets you add a simple widget with a list of products, manage them and customize the compare table with your style. You can improve your e-commerce usability and user experience by preventing doubts that may interfere with the final sale.

It is available both in free and premium versions. You can get its pro version at just $49 yearly. Pro features include product SKU, customizable style, showing products in a slider with the same tags and categories, sharing compare pages to social media, freedom to limit plugin features, and more.

10. Variation swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce make shopping easier for customers to differentiate between product attributes and select their desired options quickly. This is an indispensable tool for you if you own a quite big shop, including many items with similar features. In fact, it makes the selection process easier making purchasing process quicker and pushing your customers to purchase in the shortest time.

With this, you are allowed to enable color swatches, image swatches, and label/text/button swatches for variable product attribute variations. Further, you can handle the swatches shape style rounded and circle. It also allows you beautiful tooltips on variation swatch hover. On top of that, the product attributes swatches come with an option to disable the default plugin stylesheet so that you can personally write your own CSS. Similarly, it lets you show a cross sign for out-of-stock variation swatches.

It is a freemium plugin and has multiple pricing plans starting at $49 and ending at $449.

Wrapping Up!

Thus all of these WooCommerce extensions/plugins are somehow different in what they do. Therefore, you should be mindful while taking decisions, identify issues, and requirements and select extensions/addons that improve your store. All of the WooCommerce extensions described above are well-researched and handpicked. But if you feel it’s insufficient for your website then check other WooCommerce extensions/plugins/addons. We recommend checking customizer for WooCommerce, WooCommerce currency switcher, Live chat-WooCommerce chat plugin, WooCommerce Pdf invoices, and YITH WooCommerce Ajax search as they are also popular ones.

Or are you still unfamiliar with WooCommerce? Check this article to learn about What is WooCommerce?

Want to run an online business but don’t know what to do and where to start? First, learn to create a website, and install WooCommerce themes, and plugins to add additional functionality to run and grow your business. Moreover, this article will assist you in choosing the most effective and best WooCommerce extensions for your site.

Check our blog website for other useful information and guides. Stick with us.

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