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Travel FSE: Theme Review

Searching for a block-based travel theme for your website? Block-based travel themes are limited in numbers. Full Site Editing is an uprising block editor and the best editor ever and Travel FSE Pro is the perfect example of a travel theme created with FSE and blocks. FSE themes are easy to customize, so nontechnical users like you can edit every part with excellence.

Travel FSE is a well-designed theme created especially for travel, tour, and tourism business. It is enriched with all the essential, latest, and advanced features that can uplift your travel site with professionalism. This theme is fully packed with amazingly created layouts and patterns which is why visitors will start loving and following you from first sight.

Indeed, it is a modern and feature-rich WordPress theme that combines the power of full site editing with support for popular plugins, responsive design, and SEO optimization. It offers a wide range of flexible options for booking management, trip planning, and payment gateways, making it an excellent choice for travel websites looking to create an engaging and functional online presence.

Reason to Choose Travel FSE?

FSE Optimized

Travel FSE is a complete block-based Full site editing theme. In this theme, you can get all the features of full site editing. You can modify templates, set global styles, edit navigation menus, and more. Moreover, it operates a system of customizable and movable blocks. FSE-optimized Travel FSE provides more efficiency–ultimately lessening the time needed to build websites from scratch.

WP Travel Compatible

Yes, you will be happy to know that it is compatible with the popular travel plugin WP Travel. It allows travelers to book itineraries, search for trips, and view locations on Google Maps. With WP Travel owners can add trip facts, add multiple prices and dates, tour extras, and much more. Further, it enables customers to have practical and detailed travel information to choose the perfect destination.

Unlimited Travel Packages

The more you offer, the more you receive. You can offer unlimited access or options for certain activities or destinations within a specified period and travelers will get flexibility and a wide range of choices during their trip. You can include travel packages like all-inclusive resort packages, adventure or outdoor activity packages, cruise packages, city or attraction passes, and much more. Multiple packages entice travelers to your site which helps in increasing engagements and selling packages.

Ultimately, this theme can be a perfect choice for everyone. It allows users to add unlimited travel packages to a website. On the other hand, customers will gain various options to choose the best that fits their needs and desire.

Booking Details & Email Notification

This theme has everything a travel websites need. Travel agency owners can access customers to have an easy booking and also track information of booking. It lets you maintain your website bookings, keep records and plan for the future. Moreover, you can send notifications and ping them and make them alert of necessities and information.

Social Media Integration

This theme integrates social media as it is one of the most effective and easy marketing channels to reach a large audience. Social media offers a dynamic and interactive platform for travel websites to promote services, engage with the audience, showcase y content, and leverage the power of user-generated content and influencers.

In simple terms, it lets you advertise and promote your travel business via different social profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter targeting different age groups.

Images and Videos

Allure customers with breathtaking snaps. This theme allows you to add a gallery of pictures to display a look at destinations. Also, you can add videos to engage audiences showcasing popular destinations, or even provide virtual tours of hotels and resorts.

Latest travel blog/Post

Create content to describe the places of tourist attractions or tour packages. You can share the experience of travelers on your website to boost engagement on your website. It also helps potential customers to stay longer on your website and probability of purchasing tour packages.

Multiple Price and Multiple Dates

Travel websites should have multiple prices for multiple destinations on their websites. Travel FSE is enriched with this feature letting users add various prices to different destinations and dates. It accesses you to add multiple prices that vary as per trip extras, duration, location, and distance.

Likewise, You can set prices as per the age group; adults, children, and old age people. Along with this, prices can be different for a single traveler and travelers in a group. Travelers in groups can have some more discounts than a single one.

Talking about dates, you can add departure and arrival dates as per the destination. How many days the journey can go long? You can set the duration of the trip too. Isn’t the information enough and clear for interested travelers?

Payment Process

This theme integrates several payment gateways for users’ flexibility. You don’t need to install any other plugins for the payment procedure. Owners and customers can have better transactions with an easy, secure, and trustworthy payment gateway as desired. Also, you can set the partial or full payment for each booking so that you can build up a strong and worthy connection with your customer.

Awesome Layouts and patterns

Travel FSE comes with awesome layouts and patterns. Attractive layouts designed by expert teams are waiting to be chosen. Create your design with premade templates and template parts. You can use your creativity to arrange blocks and patterns as you desire. You can get layouts for every part of your site. Footer layouts, header layouts, banner patterns, gallery patterns, and many more.

Integrated With Rise Blocks Plugin

Isn’t it magical to get a bundle of significant blocks within a single plugin? Yes, Travel FSE has sufficient things to offer you. The rise blocks plugin has numerous, essential and awesome layout blocks to add additional charm to a site. The blocks are lightweight which will help to create awesome websites free from unwanted codes.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO Friendly )

No Doubt, Travel FSE is a search engine-optimized theme. This theme will assist you with online marketing, boost brand awareness, and increase high-quality traffic, and revenue online. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more a website will gain attention and attract potential and existing customers to your business and services. The SEO-friendly theme, Travel FSE helps in upgrading a website to increase its visibility when people search for trips or tour packages.

Fully Responsive and lightweight theme

This theme is fully responsive which means it works well with all screen resolutions such as mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. It helps build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. On the other hand, your WordPress theme is your site’s foundation, which means it plays a big role in how quickly your site loads. Travel FSE takes care of it and comes in lightweight so your site loads faster.

Premium Extension

This theme is available in the premium version adding extraordinary additional features to elevate a site to the next level. If you want extra features and functionalities to make your site more appealing and professional purchase a premium extension. You will get access to features like Google Calendar, wishlist, custom filters, geo-location, weather forecast, multiple carts, and much more.

Learn to install and Activate Travel FSE

Reading all the features and functionality of Travel FSE, the user wishes to download and install it. We will assist you to download, install and activate the theme.

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  • Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  • Select Add New.
  • Then, search for  Travel FSE. Click Install Now.
  • Then, click Activate button.
  • Now, the theme will be activated. You can now customize the theme as per your requirements.

We hope this article helped you know what travel FSE is and why it can be the best selection for your travel websites. It is clean, modern, new, free, flexible, and easy to customization. It is elegant in design, powerful, and best suited for travel and tour-related business.

Travel FSE assures you to enhance your website brand presence, increase website traffic, and ultimately drive more bookings and revenue. With its features travel websites can attract and inspire potential travelers, encouraging them to visit their website for further information and bookings. Our theme can make your brand!

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