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Types of websites you can build in WordPress

Searching and exploring website-building platforms for your business and service? There are various site-building platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Wix but WordPress is the unbeatable open-source platform loved and used by popular websites to build various types of websites. WordPress powers more than 42% of all websites on the internet, which makes it the most popular website builder on the market. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) software used to build, modify, and maintain websites. It is easy to use, highly flexible, customizable, and scalable platform.

If you still feel you are not well acquainted with WordPress, You can go with this article; WordPress Overview.

Types of WordPress Websites You can make

Businesses vary and so do websites. With WordPress, you can create miscellaneous and different types and niche websites. You can build websites from personal portfolios to professional sites, online eCommerce sites to online learning academies websites. That means, almost all types of websites are possible with WordPress. Let’s discuss and differentiate the types.

1. Blog and Personal Websites

Do you know, WordPress started out as a simple blogging tool and quickly evolved into a powerful content management system? And Now with WordPress, you can build websites as you desire. Create a blog website to share your content including opinions, news, recipes, travel diaries, experiences, information, stories, creations, journal, and more.

On the other hand, You can use your personal website to show off your professional qualifications, share your ideas, thoughts, pictures, videos, or anything you want to share with viewers. It lets them know about your personal information, family background, your current activities, your plans, your work, and everything you want to share with them.

2. ECommerce and Online Store Websites

Sell your products and skills via websites. You can build a website to sell your physical and digital products and services. With WordPress, you can manage websites, take orders via different digital platforms and earn money from your device laying in your room. Create a marketplace, multi-vendor marketplace easily with plugins and sell unlimited products at a time easily.

WooCoommerce is the best and most popular plugin for e-commerce sites and WC Booster is the Woocommerce extension that enhances your site to the next level. Likewise, choose an e-commerce theme like multi-store for your online store so that you can easily customize, add products and sell with ease gaining customers’ trust.

3. News and Magazine websites

Everything is virtual now. People nowadays are interested to read via e-news, ebooks, and eMagazine sites over the internet rather than on printed papers. It is because of its easy accessibility, quickness, cheapness, and evolutions in technology. News websites let viewers find breaking news of major world events, political news, entertainment, health, business, people’s opinion and analysis, the latest updates, sports, culture, and lifestyle news from your site.

Every news is possible to read free of cost by reaching the related news or magazine website. That is why you should be able to create reliable, trustworthy news and information to grow your viewers towards your news and magazine websites.

Choose the news and magazine themes like Suit Press, Maglist, NewsList, Colormag, and Suitmag which inherit advanced functionalities and features so that you won’t have to worry much about appearance and functions. Moreover, news-based websites also enable you to integrate subscriptions into your website and use the payments block to manage them.

4. Non Profit Websites

Serving people in need is a great satisfaction indeed. While your nonprofit website doesn’t need to sell something but it still has a goal to achieve. If you have a nonprofit organization, digitalize it by building a website

You can build a website for your Non-Profit Organizations (nonprofits), NGOs, Charity, Donation camps, Foundations, Fundraising events, Welfare activities, etc with WordPress. It makes it easier for you to raise awareness, get volunteers, or do fundraising, by making corresponding pages for your website. With many highly customizable features, you can easily build a professional website that facilitates and motivates your viewers. 

You can reach and connect with unlimited people who can support you for organizations. Most Importantly, It helps increase donations and serves numerous suffering, ill, poor, and needy people. Choose the best charity and donation WordPress theme that suits your need. Smile Charities, Charitize, Charity Care, and Fundraiser Lite are some of the best.

5. Business Websites

Are you an entrepreneur with several businesses? Do you own a company, a corporate business, or a consultancy? If yes then building a website for your business can be a boon to uplift your company and be known.

On your website, you can shout out about what you do and how you do it. Likewise, it is also the place to share your business goals, share about the team or the contributors, share contact details, and even hire a team. Building websites creates an opportunity to advertise your products or services and connect with interested candidates, clients via chats or phone calls.

Darkbiz, Biz Smart, Rarebiz, Bizline, and Bizfit are some of the business themes you can choose to create your website for advanced features and a professional look.g

6. Travel and booking websites

Do you have travel agencies, tourism businesses, hotels, resorts, and homestays? With the advancement in technologies, it is time to digitalize the physical business into an online based just using the internet to connect with targeted audiences. You can create your travel blog site, travel agency, and hotel booking and resort website to help people reach nature-rich beautiful travel destinations and stay in comfort.

You can install plugins like WP Travel and WP Travel Engine to get all the necessary features of the travel business. Similarly, booking plugins are also easily available which offers sufficient functions for hotels and resorts. Despite this, Choosing the best travel and booking themes plays a vital role in the upbringing of your websites. Travel FSE, The ultimate, Eva WP Tours, Travel Way can be the perfect choice for your travel and booking-related websites.

7. Online Learning courses/educational websites

Brick-and-mortar schools, colleges, and universities also need a website to promote themselves and inform potential students and investors of their offerings. All these things and more can be delivered by a well-maintained education WordPress website. Create a website with WordPress for your schools, colleges, tuition centers, educational marts, libraries, educational bookhouses, and educational consultancies.

With your website, you can connect and inform students and families to share helpful videos and information. attract new prospects.

You can create a platform to learn online and help those who cannot attend the classes physically For this, you should install relatable WordPress educational themes such as Sydney, Astra, Zakra, Generate press, and Rara Academics, and also download plugins that enhance your site.

8. Food and Restaurant Websites

WordPress is the most flexible and easy-to-use platform to build your restaurant website. You can create a website for your restaurant to get unlimited orders online and earn revenue. Customers also take advantage of getting restaurant items at their flexible location without shipping charges and pay online on their preferred payment solutions.

See features like a table reservation system, menu orders, online payment, menu, and pricing on your chosen theme. Besides, it will be more attractive and customer friendly if your website includes slideshows for food items, images, business hours, Google Maps integration, and many other useful information. Similarly, you can offer dozens of payment platforms to customers and get access to thousands of templates and plugins.

Choose the perfect restaurant theme and install the plugin when necessary. Restaurant Recipe, Restaurant and Cafe, VW Restaurant lite, Di Restaurant, Blossom Recipe, and Zakra Restaurant are some of the popular themes you can choose from.

9. Membership websites

A membership website is also one of the types of WordPress websites you can make. On membership websites, people can sign up to become members and get access to exclusive content, services, or products. Some owners monetize these memberships, while others offer free memberships that foster a community.

As you build your membership site in WordPress, consider how you can use plugins and blocks to create a fully integrated experience. Newsletters, coupons, and online tools connect your members to you outside of your website. A membership WordPress theme will be compatible with a specific membership plugin, ensuring that the theme and plugin work seamlessly together. A membership WordPress theme will be compatible with a specific membership plugin, ensuring that the theme and plugin work seamlessly together.

Alike others, you can get membership plugins and membership themes like Vayvo, Seeko, Aardvark, Ultra, Divi and Astra also have membership WordPress demos or starter sites.

10. Community and forum Websites

A community website serves the needs of a group with more resources than a social media site or forum could provide on its own. It acts as a hub for a community with a common goal or interest. Communities come in all sorts of forms, such as neighborhood associations, membership-based organizations, or fan clubs.

You can format your content in ways that go beyond your typical social media group. If you’d like to make certain parts members-only, use a plugin like MemberPress or Restrict Content Pro.

A forum website consists of discussion threads where someone starts with a topic, and people reply. The forum then organizes these threads into different boards or categories. WordPress has plenty of forum plugins for you to add to your website, including the classic bbPress.

11. Podcast Websites

Podcasts are digital audio content distributors that store all podcast episodes in one location and automate the generation of RSS feeds. That one location is your website. Viewers can listen or watch your podcast which helps to create a brand around your podcast and push more viewers to your show. Podcast websites give their podcasts context and a place for supplemental content. podcasts need dedicated web spaces.

There are several excellent podcasting themes and plugins for WordPress which make the whole process way easier. Plus, you can integrate any podcast hosting service to seamlessly serve files from your own website. Tusant, Gumbo, Satchmo, and Amplify are some podcast themes.

12. Micro job or job board website

Back in the day, the only way to search for a job was to scour newspapers or physically visit companies to inquire about open positions. The internet has revolutionized the job search process, and online job search platforms have become increasingly popular.

Company owners can announce the vacancy on a job board website and interested candidates apply as per their qualifications and skills. You can design the layout allowing employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled. As the website owner, you can make money by charging a fee for each listing. Moreover, it makes it easy to search for jobs using the Internet and apply to multiple positions with just a few clicks.

You can simply create a job website with amazing job WordPress themes; Jobify, Jobseek, Wordscout, Job career, Recruitment Agency, and many more. Whereas plugins like WP Job Board, Recruitly Addons, and WP Job Manager are also recommended plugins for fully functional and advanced job sites.


Now, you have an idea of what types of websites can be created with the WordPress platform. There are two ways of creating websites in WordPress; start building a website from scratch or create a website with blocks (FSE). For Beginners and non-technicals block websites are easy to create and customize.

The first phase of building a website is completely similar to any niches websites. You need to get domain names, get web hosting, download WordPress, and so on. If you want to learn how to create a website in WordPress check our detailed guide; How to create a website on the WordPress platform?

After you install WordPress, it is your time to download a theme as per your business goals or niches. If needed you can install plugins for extra functionality. Themes and plugins are available both in free and premium versions. You can go on your budget and your business size. Feel Free to chat with us to ask for any queries.

(Note: You can remember us to design your site professionally and elegantly. We design different types of websites to the client’s demands and specifications. The vision is yours and the layout is ours with your requirements, selections, and preference)

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