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Best WordPress Blog Websites To Follow!

Do you want to use the WordPress Platform and don’t know any simple terms about WordPress? Do not Worry! Life is a learning process, and plenty of platforms write WordPress-related articles. A good WordPress blog can help you in different aspects, like getting started with WordPress, creating a business site, a guide on using the new features, and more. They share the information with clarity, simplicity, and reliability, and create valuable content. The WordPress Blog websites further assist you to choose the best plugins, themes, and hosting in the competitive market, sharing a detailed overview explaining the positive and negative sides.

In general, blog websites not only provide WordPress insightful materials and knowledge but other relatively useful information to help individuals to have a smooth and successful business. We will talk about some best, most successful, and most popular WordPress blog websites enriched with in-depth knowledge about WordPress. Most Importantly, the platforms we are going to mention here are praiseworthy, amazing, reliable, and trustworthy websites that you can rely on.

1. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is mainly created for blogging. The main purpose of creating WPBeginner is to deliver helpful WordPress tutorials that are easy to understand for small businesses, bloggers, and non-techy WordPress website owners. It is one of the simplest and largest blog platforms with excellent tutorials. It is the largest free WordPress resource site in the industry and provides easy-to-understand helpful content.

If you google almost any WordPress question, it often appears in the top search results. That means it answers every question that has arisen in your head about WordPress. There are over 320,000 subscribers from across 190 countries. It includes beginner guides, showcases, step-by-step tutorials, articles on themes and plugins, comparison posts, and the latest news about WordPress.

2. WordPress Active Themes

WordPress Active Theme is a marketplace where you can buy miscellaneous high-quality and excellent and elegant themes. It has a variety of themes built with scratch and FSE themes on various niches. Although, it is an award-winning blog site too that provides learning resources for those who want to start blogging. You can follow the blog to learn about new WordPress releases, WordPress tutorials, product reviews, comparisons, business strategies, SEO tips & tricks, and Woocommerce tutorials. It further provides various methods to increase traffic and uplift websites and become top-notch.

Moreover, this site provides you with everything you may require for your WordPress site, whether templates, plugins, themes, or add-ons, and provides praiseworthy and trustworthy informative helpful content to help you run any kind of business. Unluckily, some of the websites are yet underrated and it is one among them.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Theme is the company behind Divi, a popular WordPress theme and page builder. If you are using Divi a website builder, elegant themes have everything on how to use the website builder, use its features, to customization your site. It has a lot of content focused on using Divi to WordPress-specific posts.

If you haven’t started following it, follow it from today. Besides Divi’s content, it is also a great source of learning resources with valuable WordPress tutorials, strategies, and tactics that you can use right away. It is up-to-date, timely, and posts regularly. There are WordPress tutorials, plugin suggestions, reviews, comparisons, and other marketing guides.

4. WP Tavern

WP Tavern is one of the finest blogging websites. This website is authored by Jeff Chandler on 23rd January 2009. It covers a wide range of topics, including the Gutenberg project, core development, e-commerce, community, plugin and theme ecosystems, events, and the wider world of open-source software. It daily publishes articles on the latest news and events about WordPress.

This is one of the best WordPress blog websites because it has reliable official WordPress releases, new features, issues, fixes, WordPress people, podcasts, product acquisitions, etc. 

5. Colorlib

Colorlib was founded in 2013 by Aigars Silkalns to serve as a resource. Later on, it started contributing free and premium themes and templates as well. Alongside it publishes dependable and readable posts for WordPress, beginner’s guides, comparisons, theme collection, and much more.

It publishes its articles on a daily basis to deliver as much information as much as they can. Without a doubt, you can follow them and search for any type of query. It provides detailed knowledge with facts and statistics.

6. CodeinWP

CodeinWP is one of the perfect websites for blogs. In fact, it is a WordPress blog website. The goal is to provide intelligible content that helps you understand various aspects of the WordPress platform. You can read articles on new tutorials, lists, comparison posts, and highly researched pieces that go into the inner workings of WordPress.

This platform publishes posts every other week and covers everything from picking the right angle to selecting optimal tools. All of the contents here are well-researched and finalized.

7. Blog Tyrant

Yes, this is also one of the WordPress blog websites or resource hubs where you can find tips and tricks to get started in the art of blogging. It was founded in 2010 by Ramsay Taplin, a successful blogger, and entrepreneur who has built several successful blogs and businesses.

It is enriched with the post of comparisons, opinions,  product reviews, and other resources to help you start a successful blog and make a living online. The topics covered on the site include content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and more You will also find complete and very practical guides on how to make your blog efficient and monetize it sustainably.

8. WP Explorer

WP Explorer is another top WordPress blog you should follow. It was launched in October 2010 by AJ Clarke. It is the platform that shares extensive WordPress-related articles, guides, marketing tips, tutorials, how-to’s, and more. This blog website is packed with content based on SEO, coupons, hosting, reviews, comparison, security, and step-wise tutorials for starters.

Moreover, it also shares links to free and premium themes & plugins that it found appealing. They have also created some free and premium themes ‘Total WordPress Theme’ on different niches.

9. ThemeGrill

Themegrill is a web development company that creates praiseworthy themes and plugins. Contrary to that, it has the best quality and resourceful WordPress articles created with in-depth research. Its blog section is filled with WordPress tutorials, how-to guides, tips and tricks, WordPress reviews, news, trends, and information. In addition, it also recommends the best themes, plugins, reviews, coupons, deals, and detailed information that a user need to run a website and be successful. It comes with regular updates, news, and features.

10. Kinsta

This website is well-known as a web hosting company in the market. Kinsta was founded in 2013. However, it is also an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn and read about WordPress articles. You can get detailed tutorials to help you solve the problem that arises when building a website. Mainly, it covers articles that include product comparisons, reviews, SEO tips, recommendations and hosting detailing guides, and much more.

It posts the contents on a regular basis with a lot of research and exploration.

11. aThemes

aThemes is in fact a theme developer but is also admired for its helpful and valuable content. aThemes has categorized its blogs as reviews, collections, tutorials, hosting, and guides for WordPress. It further updates about releases, news, new features, and newly introduced WordPress products. Reviews of the products or tools help you decide whether or not you should use them on your WordPress site. 

12. Themeisle

Themeisle is the site that you must visit once if you are a WordPress enthusiast. The main goal of Themeisle is to grow its online presence, through education, high-quality products, and reliable support. It also frequently publishes a review of the themes or plugins. You get to learn about the best themes and plugins for a particular niche in WordPress. You’ll find detailed guides to setting up your WordPress website as well as product reviews and comparisons. 

Wrapping up!

These 12 are not much. There are plenty of more WordPress blog websites with useful and valuable content. The selected and mentioned above are widely used and popular ones. You can follow them to read and learn about WordPress, WordPress guides, WordPress themes, plugins, and effective ideas to be top-notch in this highly competitive market.

Notably, our WordPress blog’s motto is to satisfy and assist you with useful and credible content you may need while using WordPress. Keep Following us for more beneficial blogs.

All the best!

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