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How to create a travel website?

Do you run travel agencies? Or willing to launch a tourism business? Whatever the situation is we want our business to get sufficient revenue and the travel industry is one of the fastest-growing right after technology. Creating a travel and tourism website is the best technique to grow a business virtually with less effort. If you don’t go with the technology and don’t create a travel business website or do not regularly update you have many chances of losing many clients. Do you know why? These days, people turn to the internet as their main resource for information when planning a tour.

You should create an effective website with all the functionalities and features and inform visitors of your various tour packages in an easy way while also making them look attractive. Notably, your site must be SEO-friendly, have an intuitive interface, well-designed, and be enriched with the features such as review, destination, search, payment gateway, packages, coupons, and more. Got the point right?? Get ready now.

Ready to create a travel site?

How to build a travel and tourism website in 2023?

Wanna create a travel website but don’t know how? You are exactly at the right place. This article will guide you step-wise so that you can go thoroughly. We are here to give you the ultimate guide. Follow the following steps.

Register/Buy a domain name

This will be the address of your website (ex. There are several reputable domain registrars where you can buy domain names. Find the domain registrar to buy a domain name of your choice also check the availability of the domain name of your choice. You can check on various registration websites. If the domain name is available, you can proceed with the registration process directly on the website.

Most Importantly, name your company short, catchy, and memorable. Also, avoid hyphens and numbers on your domain name. Your domain name should indicate the service you are providing. That means you have to be very careful and specific while choosing the name for your travel site.

Choose a hosting service provider and buy a hosting plan

 This is where your website’s files will be stored. There are numerous Web Hosting companies in the marketplace. Choose the best hosting and credible hosting provider with good customer reviews.

After you have finalized the hosting provider you should consider which web hosting plan to choose. It should match your budget and requirements. Select a hosting plan that’s optimized for the platform you choose.

Choose software/Platform to create a site

We should be able to choose the best website builder. It lets allow people to create custom websites quickly and easily, even with limited design skills. There are multiple website-building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy Squarespace, and much more. Some website builders come with all-in-one solutions that include web hosting, domain registration, and a built-in editor for one monthly fee.

The best option for us has been WordPress and we wouldn’t ever consider using anything else. We highly recommend using WordPress.A platform like will give you tons of features as well as powerful functionalities, and you will have complete control of it. Besides, most web hosting companies also offer a one-click WordPress installation tool on the web hosting plans. Decide the platform and Install it. We will guide you to create a travel website via the WordPress Platform.

Install a Powerful WordPress Travel Theme

A WordPress theme is the face of your website and, combined with plugins, is responsible for the overall user experience. Go to the dashboard of WordPress to go through the different processes. Choose a theme that fits your brand, and install the theme. There are various travel themes available in the marketplace but you should be able to choose the theme that is appealing, functional, and powerful. You can even select between themes made from scratch and Full site editing in WordPress. Travel FSE, Travel Agency, Travel Ultimate, Travel Gem, Travel Monster, Tour Operator, Explore, and Adventure Travelling are some of the most downloaded and popular free travel themes.

It’s always a great thing for your travel company website if a theme you pick supports various sections. It should showcase your company’s story, your services, featured trips, adventure packages, special benefits, core features, social proof statistics, customer testimonials, special deals and discounts, a call-to-action banner, as well as your latest blog posts.

Install the necessary plugins to add Important features

Adding plugins is also one of the important steps when creating a website. We need travel-specific plugins to get additional features so install the plugins you need. We recommend using the WP travel Plugin for your travel website. By installing WP Travel, you can add lots of travel and tour packages to your travel booking site. It also helps you to add trips, duration of trips, cost of trips, and add discounts to your site.

Or you can select the travel and tourism theme that is already loaded with powerful travel plugins.

Customize the site/Start creating content

Now you can work on the outlook or appearance of your site. Create the essential static web pages and start publishing blog posts and templates. Similarly, you can now work the site logo, identity, tagline, and navigation as well as customize the color, font, background, and edit texts.

To convert a normal site into a travel site you should consider working on travel-specific features and functions. Set up pricing categories, add a trip, trip gallery, prices, duration, trip facts, FAQs, and various other costs. Particularly, set up various pages related to travel including the Destination page, Trip Type page, and Single Trip page also.

Integrate Online Booking and Payment

Online booking and payment is the main section where we interact directly with customers. Viewers should be able to book the tickets online and have transactions. If you use the WP travel Plugin, you needn’t worry about this function in your travel website. It has seamless online booking, reservation, and payment systems that are already settled. It offers an in-built payment gateway such as PayU Latam, PayFast, Paypal, Stripe, Paypal and RazorPay, and many others.

Promote the website

Promoting and marketing your site lets viewers who you are and what you do. It enables you to drive high traffic to your brand-new WP travel site using various methods. You can use plugins for SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing to introduce yourself and promote your website. It even helps in generating revenues.

Wrap Up!

Traveling is Fun! Travel rejuvenates, energizes, refreshes, and makes people feel alive. Encourage people to travel and walk alongside to promote the tourism industry of your country/globe. Ready to explore and earn altogether?

This article might be helpful to have a basic idea or an ultimate guide on creating a site, Right?? You not just learned how to create a website but also about the domain registrar, web hosting services, travel plugins, popular travel themes, and tips for promoting a site.

We hope you can now build an appealing travel site with the steps mentioned above. Learn to create, launch and let people explore the beauty of the earth with you. If in case you want experts to create your visionary travel-related website we feel pleasure to assist you. Contact Us.


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